Doing Hard Things

July 15, 2021

WHEN: July 14, 2021
QIC: Boucher
PAX: Dingy, Elf, Gilligan, Kiffin, Nickelback, Nubbin, Roy.G.Biv
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YHC’s Trip Nip Journey continued with a visit to the Skunk which Nubbin helpfully advised that the Orange County High School track was accessible…much to Elf’s chagrin, and erroneous reporting.

YHC rolled in to see Elf getting some EC strides in and Nickelback doing some pre-work as well.  Was great to see Nickelback – it’s been some time!

YHC wanted to continue the theme of doing hard things.  Many of us face challenging circumstances – relationships, organizations we are a part of, projects, society at large – the prospect of success can seem low and the the paths forward overwhelming.  YHC’s struggled with the state of affairs in our country, community, the University, as well as YHC’s own department.  Through meditation, prayer, thinking, reading, and talking and listening to each other – YHC has worked through his mental challenges and returned to an anti-victim mindset and the goal more of an internal satisfaction with an all you can do, is all you can do approach.  BIL – and recent FNG – Muffintop – provided some ideas for using this workout approach to symbolize the setting of smaller goals, .

Warm up
SSH IC x 20
Slow squat x 20
IW IC x 10
HB IC x 10
Arm circles IC x 20 (Forward Big/Small, Backward Big/Small)
WMH IC x 10
Mountain climbers IC x 20
Slow merkins x 10
The Thang

Mosey to the track and YHC instructed the PAX to grab a small rock on the way.  YHC wasn’t clear enough and Nubbin, and a few others went to the rock pile and grabbed larger rocks…YHC clarified that a small stone would work better.

YHC announced that we would be making 4 laps (~one mile) around the track.  The methods of travel would be a bit challenging and perhaps overwhelming…so YHC indicated the recommended method was to throw your stone a bit, and then move to the stone.  Pick up the stone, throw it a ways, and crawl to the stone and repeato.  By breaking this bigger effort down into smaller accessible tasks, before you know it, we’ve completed a lap.  The PAX also had the support of each other and allowed for some great mumble chatter – especially from recent FNG – Kiffin!

Lap 1 – Fellowship Mosey
Lap 2 – Bear crawl
Lap 3 – Walking lunge
Lap 4 – Sprint AYG (ALL YA GOT)
Heels To Heaven IC x 20
We ran a bit short of time at the end, but it was a successful workout.  This Q was designed to be a sneaky intense work out – distracted by the stone and mumble chatter.  YHC was feeling it afterwards and the other PAX seemed to be too.
YHC shared those close to him struggling with cancer.  Nubbin promoted the Family Triathlon, on Saturday at 8:30 in Hillsborough 5K run, 15 mile bike ride and a float down the Eno.  2.0s Welcome.
Great to be with this group!