Soft Launch: The King Cobra on Repeat

April 14, 2021

WHEN: April 14, 2021
QIC: Castaway and Swamp
PAX: Count Chocula, My Little Pony, Cosmo, Awesome Baby, Bells, FiddleStick, OPEC, Boucher, Knope, Kia, Swamp, Castaway, and FNG Crash Cart
LOCATION: #TheKingsDominion – New Hope Church, Durham
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YHC and Swamp kicked off the soft launch for The King’s Dominion today with a thank you to the PAX who participated, linking the name of the site with the theme park Kings Dominion, and to expect themes related to this park and the rides it offers.  We quickly moved to warm ups after the announcement.  After two warm up exercises, YHQ realized he didn’t make the requisite disclaimer nor did he recognize the FNG amongst us and quickly course corrected.  After warm up, we mozied over to Cobra Hill for The King Cobra Dora followed by some Stone Work led by Swamp.  We closed out without Mary due to time constraints and named the new FNG Crash Cart.


Warm UP:

20x Side Shuffle Hops

10x Slow Merkins

10x Willie Mays Hayes

10x Slow Squat


The Thang:

The King Cobra Dora:


The King Cobra at The Kings Dominion Theme Park was YHC’s first ever roller coaster experience.  The best thing about The King Cobra was how short the wait in line was due to the coaster lasting a short, but thrilling, 30 seconds.  You got shot out from the loading platform, leading you immediately through an inverted loop, went straight into the air, stopped for a brief second feeling almost gravity free for a second or two, and then descended backwards through the same loop.  Boom.  Done.  What did you do every time the ride was over?  Jump right back in line and go for another ride.

To emulate that, we partnered up for a Dora in which there was a short distanced forward run towards an 8 foot tall dirt hill with a steep incline and made our way to the top.  To descend, we Crawl Bear’d and ran backwards to our partners.  Rinse.  Repeat.


100 Donkey Kicks

150 WWII

200 Star Jumps

250 Merkins


Afterwards, Swamp ran the PAX towards the back of the site and introduced them to the Bone Yard, which was filled with a variety of granite rocks in different sizes.  Perfect coupons for 2 rounds of the following


50x bent over rows

10x American Hammers

30x Shoulder presses


We ran back to Startex for COT.  Boucher gave some kudos to Knope and OPEC’s leadership for guiding us through the process and getting this site officially launched within F3.  Boucher also gave kudos to Swamp and Castaway for how well thought-out scoping and launching the site was.

Swamp took us out and reminded us of the happenings with George Floyd and to keep in mind that we are leaders within our families and community.  With that comes the responsibility of not just taking action, but listening and only taking action after having listened and heard.

A hardy welcome to Crash Cart, who YHC has been recruiting for the past 1.5 years!