The Storm before the Storm

April 14, 2021

WHEN: April 13, 2021
QIC: Swamp
PAX: Floyd, Castaway, Knope, Cosmo, Pallino, Wreck it, Frizzle, Kia, Weed n feed, Swamp, Cardiac, Count Chocula
LOCATION: #Piranha
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On the eve of the soft launch of The Kings Dominion, 12 Pax got after it on an absolutely beautiful morning.   Crisp and cool, and maybe a little too quiet.  The kind of calm which precedes a major storm.  Things got ugly quickly.

Warm up

IW x 20 IC

LBAC x 10 and reverse

SSH x 20

10 Slow Merkins

5 Burpees OYO


Run down to blocks, grab one and meet on basketball court. PAX lined up along the perimeter.  1Blockee/12 jump jump squats > Jacobs ladder.  Mode of travel depending on side of court: bear crawl, mosey to playground,  bear crawl/crawl bear, block carry, lunge walk.   Rotate counter clockwise like a hurricane

Mosey to picnic tables Dips, Drydocks, BB Sit ups w/Block. Returned the blocks until next week.


35 Flutter Kicks by Cardiac


Big props to Pallino for coming out on the bike trainer to be with us, while he rehabs.  Announcement about the new AO…The Kings Dominion, site Q’s are Castaway and Swamp. Cosmo took us out.