Laps and Reps

April 15, 2021

WHEN: April 14, 2021
QIC: Dean Wormer
PAX: Slug, Uzi, Arthur, Foghorn Leghorn, Clean Sweep, Spit Bucket, Belvedere, Tricurious, Nightshift
LOCATION: Conjunction-Junction
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All that was posted in advance was, “we need even numbers”, and the PAX responded.

With an FNG present, YHC made sure to cover the full 5 elements of F3 and the usual disclaimers and caveats of participation.

Warm Up:

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Body Weight Squats, Arm Circles

Mosey from the AO to the middle school parking area.

The Thang:

PAX pair up. Each team to complete, together, 300 squats, 200 IC flutter kicks, 100 merkins, and 50 burpees. While one PAX is working on reps, the other PAX is running around the parking area. Swap and continue until all reps are completed.

Mosey back to the AO.

5 min of “yoga” + a 2 min plank in lieu of the usual Mary


Malawi Run, MS Bike Ride, Emily K Foundation, Coffee after at Caribou


F3 may not always be the best part of your day, but it has been instrumental in making YHC’s days always better. Waking up early is hard, but it’s easier when there’s the anticipation of seeing and spending time with a great group of guys.