February 24, 2020

WHEN: 02/24/2020
QIC: Grunge
PAX: Nickelback, Pusher, Nubbin, Busch League, Gilligan, Buffay, Amelia, Mate, Toast McQueen

Grunge Churham Q Count To Date:

  1. ThickBush (1/6)
  2. Hare Ball (1/7)
  3. Strollin’ Rone (1/14)
  4. Pooty Tang (1/17)
  5. AM-SCRAM (1/23)
  6. Moosenlauf (1/30)
  7. Sugar Walls (2/21)
  8. The Cack (Today)

Day One of the Trip Nip

Honestly, I believe those of us who drive more than 30 minutes to attempt a Trip Nip should get something extra.

YHC met up with a scrum of mad lads prior to Nickelback and fam’s sojourn across the pond to the Emerald Isle. As Ireland is known worldwide for its zest for spiciness, I figured I would give this morning’s little get together a little extra zing, you know, to help our brother acclimate.

Count-o-Rama. 10 Strong.


Led PAX to one end of the parking lot. Circle up.

  • SSH, x 20, IC
  • AYG Sprint (Approx. 40 Yards)
  • SSH, x 20 IC
  • AYG Sprint
  • Merkins, x 20 SC
  • AYG Sprint
  • Merkins, x 20 SC
  • AYG Sprint
  • BW Squats, x 20 SC
  • AYG Sprint
  • BW Squats, x 20 SC
  • AYG Sprint
  • LBCs, x 20 SC
  • AYG Sprint
  • LBCs, x 20 SC



Led PAX to Cates Creek Soccer Field. Circle up @ SW Corner. Introduced the workout for this am. We will be living through my adaptation of the classic Vonnegut novel, Slaughterhouse-Five.

There are four stations, one at each corner of the field. At each station we will be performing a couplet of exercises. The rep scheme will become evident after our first superset. We will then move to the next corner and perform the next superset, and so on.

Corner/Station One: Merkins & Mountain Climbers

  • Merkins, x 10 Single
  • Mountain Climbers, x 9 Cadence
  • Merkins, x 8 Single
  • Mountain Climbers, x 7 Cadence
  • Merkins, x 6 Single
  • Mountain Climbers, x 5 Cadence
  • Merkins, x 4 Single
  • Mountain Climbers, x 3 Cadence
  • Merkins, x 2 Single
  • Mountain Climbers, x 1 Cadence
  • Recovery On Your Feet
  • Merkins, x 10 Single


Corner/Station Two: WWIIs & Flutter Kicks

  • Repeato rep sequence using the above two exercises


Corner/Station Three: Burpees & BW Squats

  • Repeato rep sequence using the above two exercises, but with Recovery On Your Six.


Corner/Station Four: 8 Count Body Builders & Monkey Humpers

  • Repeato rep sequence using the above two exercises, but with Recovery On Your Six.


Return to Corner/Station One. PTSD Round.

Life is not linear. It is not a straight progression through time and space. Sometimes, we live it all at once. Infinite dimensions overlapping.

  • Merkins, x 10 Single
  • WWIIs, x 10 Single
  • Burpees, x 10 OYO
  • 8 Count Body Builders, x 10 OMC
  • Mountain Climbers, x 9, Cadence
  • Flutter Kicks, x 9 Cadence
  • BW Squats, x 9 Single
  • Monkey Humpers, x 9 Single
  • Repeato Merk/WWII/Burpee/8 Count BB, all x 8
  • Repeato MC/FKick/Squat/Humper, all x 7
  • Repeato Merk/WWII/Burpee/8 Count BB, all x 6
  • Repeato MC/FKick/Squat/Humper, all x 5

A simple illustration of what it is like living life with PTSD. How are we doing? How long will this go on? Will we take it down to 1? Or will it all come to an end and we…

Run back to AO…

Life is not linear. Stop PAX at the Traffic Circle.

Circle up

Sh*t can happen at any time. Are you prepared? Time for…

Mary, Quite Contrary

BLIMPS (6 Exercises/6 Reps Each)

  • Burpees, OYO
  • LBCs, Cadence
  • Iron Mikes (Prisoner Jump Lunge), Cadence
  • Mountain Climbers, Cadence
  • Plank Jacks, Cadence
  • SSH, Cadence

Now, we run back to AO

Had PAX circle up around the Flag

  • Low Squat Hold – The Pledge Of Allegiance
  • Plank Hold – The Lord’s Prayer

Recover. Fin.



  • As all should know, our very own Buffay, Hathaway Pendergrass, is running for District Court Judge in Orange and Chatham counties. Election is next Tue. Early voting ends this Saturday. There is a need for volunteers! Please contact Buffay/Hathaway, and he will assign you to a location/time where you are most needed. If you need to register, same day registration can be done at an Early Voting location. This CAN NOT be done next Tue, so make sure to plan accordingly.
  • Nickelback: The Wolf, this Sat. 0700. Duck & Weave.



Sunday nights are family movie nights at the Casa de Cook. My son was tasked with the responsibility of selecting our feature for the evening. He chose a very family friendly, feel good movie called John Wick. So, as I sat and enjoyed this lovely movie about “good guy”, John Wick, I began to think about my Qs this week up in the NP. Then it came to me…the theme for this week: What are the qualities that make for a good man? For a good person?

I figured, each day this week I would come up with a word that captures the qualities that make a person “good.” For this morning, I chose “Selfless.” Selfless, to me, is about genuinely caring and wanting the best for another. It is based on pure intentions free from selfish desires or personal gain. It is focused on serving those around us. Tony Robbins has a great quote on this subject. He said, “The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships…and a relationship is not a place to go to get, but it is a place to go to give. Take this as you go about your day. Strive to be selfless. Aye!

Prayers for Nickelback and his family on their trip to Ireland, and for a safe return

Prayers for Milton’s M and his family

See you Wed. Peace.

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