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February 24, 2020

WHEN: 02/24/2020
QIC: Bandcamp
PAX: Avalanche, Barksdale, Beano, Bellhop, Botched, Boucher, Good Morning America, I.T., Kia, Pedialyte, Yurt

As my name would suggest, I like to make music a part of my Qs. So for my first musical Q at The Eagle, I drew from significant events that happened on February 24 in music history as my guide. Turns out there’s a lot to work with!

WARM UPS – while listening to “Bad To The Bone” by George Thorogood, born this day in 1950:

20 side shuffle squats (my version of SHH that is easier on my knees)

15 Good mornings

20 Willie Mays Hays

15 imperial Walkers 

15 arm circle warriors (in warrior pose to stretch the hammy and hip flexers)

15 in reverse

20 second stretches doing downward dog and Cobra


To steal a play from Barksdale’s playbook, we did his Merkin exercise typically done to ACDC’s “Thunderstruck” with everyone holding plank until they say “Thunderstruck,” at which point we do a merkin. This time, however, we did that to the “Roxannes” in the song “Roxanne” by the Police, their first single which came out on this day in 1979.


As we moseyed to the top of the driveway we listened to “ABC” the huge hit by the Jackson 5 which was released on this day in 1970.

There we got ready to do a series of exercises following A,B, and C and 1,2, and 3 but listening now to tracks from the epic double album by Led Zeppelin “Physical Graffiti” released on this day in 1975.

We then preceded to do 3 different exercises at 3 different locations starting with the letters A, B, then C:

Bear crawl to the first streetlamp to do 10 Airsquats IC, then the 2nd streetlamp to do 10 Burpees OYO, and then to the 3rd streetlamp to do 10 Clerkins (clapping Merkins) SC, then run back to the top of the hill and repeat, but this time:

20 Arm Circles IC, 10 8-countBody Builders IC, 20 calf raises IC, run back to the top and repeat but doing:

15 8-count Angle grinders IC, 30 Butt Kicks IC and 30 Carolina Dry Docks SC

I played a different track from “Physical Graffiti” at each station. Whoever was able to guess the name of the track, got to lunge walk instead of bear crawl from station to station. Sadly, Avalanche and Boucher were pretty much the only ones besides myself who knew the song titles!

After finishing that, we had just 4 minutes left so we returned to the A.O. for a quick round of “Boat/Canoe” for Mary.

I had a whole other exercise locked and loaded using what would have probably been much easier songs to guess by the band the Eagles. Their first Greatest Hits album went Platinum on this day in 1977. Guess I’ll have to save that for my next Q…

COT – Announcements: special convergence this Saturday in Hillsborough at what is usually #duck-and-weave called #thewolf. Check slack for details.

In closing, I was inspired my a master choirmaster I met this past weekend who said that anytime you can get more than one human voice to sing in harmony, it could be characterized as nothing short of a human miracle. I think the same could be said about these workouts we go to each week and certainly each time we come together to help someone in our community. I am very grateful to be a part of it all. So thank you for waiting up for my gimpy, slow-runnin’ ass all those times and for allowing me to lead!

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