Scouting Party

  • When: 08/30/17
  • QIC: Tater Tot
  • The PAX: Tater Tot, Mr. Brady, Chubbs, Crockett, Cherie Berry (R), Scrooge McDuck

Warm Up
SSH, Imperial Walker, Arm Circles forward/reverse, Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hayes

The Thang
This was the PAX first time at the potential site, so a lot of “mosey over there and try something” then “mosey somewhere else and try something else.”

Mosey from parking lot to the Main Entrance.  25 Dips in cadence on the bike racks and cement cylinders
Then mosey to The Rail for 25 Erkins and 25 Derkins. Mosey back to the front for more dips, and do another set of Erkins/Derkins there as well. Both the Main Entrance and The Rail are good spots to bust out some group work. The PAX also noted that the carpool line has cones spaced perfectly enough for some slalom running/bear crawls/etc.

Mosey from the Main Entrance around towards the bus lot around back. It’s a huge lot and would be a good space for some sprints and exercises. Past the playground with some decent pull-up options.

The PAX entered The Cage – blacktop area next to the bus lot surrounded by fences. Three basketball goals – Crocket confirmed they are a good height for dunking (he will probably bring a ball to work on his best Vince Carter despite being a Duke fan…).
Triangle work for ten minutes:
Hoop 1: Carolina Dry Dock – Bunny Hop to far hoop
Hoop 2: Prisoner Squat – Lunge Walk to final hoop
Hoop 3: Flutter Kick – Bear Crawl to first hoop
Repeat triangle with 25 reps at each station.

Mosey from cage past the Really Big Hill towards the back gravel road. YHC made sure to point out the hill, the PAX will definitely use it at some point. It looks too awful to ignore. Continue the mosey to one of the back entrances to the school – BTTW for 45 seconds. BTTW for 30 seconds. Ten count. Peoples Chair for 60. People’s Chair with arms out, regular, left/right leg up. Bear Crawl back down the small hill to the back road and Mosey to The Rail again.

Run The Rail – 25 merkins and 20 jump squats at one end, run to the opposite end of the rail, reduce by 5. Repeato. When you get to 5 merkins and 0 jump squats, plank it out.

LBCs, Heels to Heaven, Outlaws.

6 PAX – Mr. Brady brought the big van! All PAX remarked about their excitement with our extra 10 minutes of sleep.
Prayers for those in Houston sorting life out post-Harvey.
Site name is coming. Look for an announcement on Slack and a Pre-Blast for our launch.
YHC probably should go to Home Depot for a shovel flag…

This was a trial run of the new North Durham location. The site is great – tons of spots to work out some regular challenges for the PAX, lots of good options for running loops, hill work, pull-ups, dips/derkins/step-ups. The North Durham PAX are clearly leaning in favor of this site as our first option. Now to just figure out the best day of the week.

Today was a big day for your buddy Tater Tot – YHC has wanted to get a North Durham site going for quite a bit and the timing is finally right. Gotta learn to Q, don’t want to take away from new sites launching in the area (Duck & Weave, Bullpen), do we have dedicated North Durham PAX yet? (hell yeah we do!), what day of the week works best? That’s the final piece of the puzzle.


Action Steps –
  • There will be a second test run of this site (or our backup site) next week on a different day other than Wednesday. If you are interested, holler at ya-boy Tater!
  • All Churham PAX – Do you know a FNG that lives in downtown Durham or north of I-85? EH them and get them to come check out Devils Ridge, Bullpen, Duck & Weave, and the new site coming down the road!

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