Operation Leg Blast

  • When: 08/30/17
  • QIC: Shake It
  • The PAX: Misery, Subprime, Au Jus, Right Swipe, Dean Wormer, Harbaugh (EC only), Shake It, Blindside, Stump Jumper, Altar Boy, Walt, Timber, Ram Air, Deepdish, Prancing Horse, Beano, Appomattox, Ricky Bobby, The Strowd

Many of our Lone Pine regulars took part in a soul crushing 5 ascent beatdown at the Goat, so the Pine was closed today.  That didn’t stop 9 PAX from enduring some Spartan EC work that included carrying heavy objects (sandbags, bells, plates, buckets) up and down Tarheel Warrior Mountain.  The legend of Au Jus continues to build as he beasted both the 80 lb and 60 lb sandbags simultaneously up and down.  The 80 lb felt like carrying a dead body.


A lot of our Spartan brethren have talked about the 400 lb tire flip being a burpee maker.  YHC watched the latest West Virginia race, and some of the top pros skip the entire obstacle altogether and go straight into burpees.  YHC’s goal was to start building some leg strength, so in two months from now, maybe he can flip that tire and join the club.  So on the menu for today, legs, legs, and legs.



  • SSH x 20
  • WMH x 10
  • Hillbillies x 15
  • Merkin Plank Jacks x 20


Gorilla in the Parking Lot

Who doesn’t love a gorilla crawl? Crickets, my point exactly.  Gorilla crawl to up the parking lot, stopping at the halfway point for 15 burpees and then completing 15 more at the top.  YHC is a big fan of the gorilla crawl.  It’s a very explosive movement and can create fatigue in the legs rapidly.  Kind of the bent down equivalent of a rapid fire broad jump.



Pair up at the top of THWM. Partners wheelbarrow to the bottom, and may switch off as often as they’d like.  At the bottom we did an Everest workout.  Lunge, squat, lunge with opposite leg, squat and repeat.  Do this all the way back to the top of the parking lot.  This was more of a slow leg burn.  It did give the PAX a chance to catch their breath, and the opportunity for some good mumble chatter.


Burp Back Mountains

Probably should stop reading the Lexicon.  PAX reunited with their partners.  One partner ran down to the yellow gate and then felt the BERN as they backwards ran back up to the top.  The other partner was doing burpees while waiting. Switch off once partner 1 gets back to the top.  In total, pairs needed to complete 100 burpees.  Partners continued to run the hill until all pairs completed the allotted burpees.


With ten minutes still on the clock we headed down to the tennis courts for some last minute PT.  Using the fence as support we completed 20 one-legged squats on each leg.  Next, 15 donkey kicks OYO.  Donkey kicks are one of my personal favorites and like the gorilla crawl, involves explosion from the legs.  Appomattox told me a while ago that I’m the only guy doing these, so I’ve continued to do these at my Q’s until it catches on.



With the legs at critical mass it was time for some mary. We got in some flutters, heels to heaven, and WWIIs. We closed out the workout with a ring of fire with every PAX completing 5 merkins w/ clap.



Continued prayers and support for everyone affected by Harvey

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