Running With Burpees

  • When: 01/30/18
  • QIC: Nescafe
  • The PAX: Horny Toad, As Is, ShamWow, Shake It, Rambler, Kosher, Sussudio, Dueling Banjos, Doobie, CHiPs, Grunge, Nescafe

YHC was excited to Q at The Rabbit and had been thinking about something challenging that would make for a simple BB. Since YHC arrived right at 0530 as 10 PAX awaited, the first words out of his mouth were, “The first exercise is…” and we’re down to business. Note: PAX #12 (Doobie) arrived right in time as we were departing the AO.


SSH x 20 IC

Burpees x10 OYO


Today was another “The Tour de Briar Chapel” day, with stops every 0.5 miles for 10 burpees OYO. A total of 3.6 miles were covered and 70 burpees were performed (for a total of 80 when you add the warm up). There was plenty of mumble chatter until there wasn’t. (ie: Mary).


Crab Jacks x20 IC

Flutter Kicks x20 IC

Plank Jacks x20 IC

LBCs x20 IC

Iron Crosses x20 (R/L) (Grunge)

Cool Down Stretches (Dueling Banjos)


Werewolf Convergence, tomorrow at The Big House AO @ 0530. EC options include Ruck @ 0445 and Run @ 0645.


YHC is thankful for the opportunity to lead this great group of men, who are willing to come out and join the fun in the cold, while putting up with random exercises. And thankful for others who are willing to share their ideas for exercises with the group, including a really nice and relaxing cool down by Banjos. Until we meet again in the gloom. Aye!


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