Q Rep

  • When: 01/29/18
  • QIC: Pusher
  • The PAX: Buffay, Crop Duster, Hightower, Nickelback, Nubbin, Pusher, Sirmixalot, Toast McQueen, Virgo

9 Pax converged in the rainy gloom.  This was YHCs 2nd Q, 1st at The Rock.  At our recent F2 event a more seasoned Pax explained his personal strategy for rotating AOs based on what exercises he expects from the scheduled Q.  As I scratched down my plan for Monday I thought…what will my Q reputation become?


Mosey down the hill to traffic circle

Windmill x 15 (cadence count)

WMH x 10 (cadence count)

LBAC x 5, big x 5 (cadence count), reverse and repeat

SSH x 26 (cadence count)


PAX bear crawled to Cates Creek Park (est 30 yards) because YHC needs to work on bear crawl stamina and then gorilla walked (est 20 years) because I dislike this more than the bear crawl.  Pax picked landscape rock coupon.

Jog down Cates Creek Parkway single file while YHC called out coupon holds (overhead, belly high etc.) until we reached our first stop.  Drop coupons (est 50 yards) from guardrails.  Pax started together at the guardrail for a Jacobs Ladder-syle Pusherama which seemed fitting for a Q named Pusher.  25 Irkens on guardrail -> run 50 yards to coupon for 5 overhead presses.  Irekens decreased by 5 and presses increased by 5 each set for a total of 75 reps each exercise.  Pax planked it up to wait for the 6.

Despite plans on paper to complete 2 more rounds with derkens, merkens, coupon curls and rows YHC made the call to move on to our next event.

Mosey with coupon back to the park to put things back to the way we found them.  On the way I reminded the Pax of various times in life we make transitions…jobs, relationships, kiddos, between points in a presentation.  I asked they brainstorm the best way to transition from a Pusherama to a Legorama.

Pax deep in thought as they mosey to traffic circle at the base of the hill on College Park Road.  Partner up for a Dora-style Legorama.  1 partner starts single leg lunges to 50 each leg.  Other partner runs 50 yards up hill, completes 10 burpees, runs back.  The Pax seemed to appreciate the burpee as a good transition exercise.


Duck Jousting in the traffic circle.  Pax duck walk with arms crossed and packed together like a rugby scrum.  You’re out if you are knocked over by fellow Pax or stand up out of the duck walk.  TCLAPS to Hightower (last Pax “squatting”).  Found on a last minute search of the exicon.  Of note, kicking is allowed if you are beast enough to stay in the duck walk on 1 leg.  YHC did not observe any kicking from the Pax.

Mosey up the hill to flag.

Bay City Scissors (8 count) x 10.  Picked this up from Happy Gilmore at a few Hurricanrana posts.

Low plank hold ring of fire (5 count each Pax)


Announcements – Design finalized for Duck and Weave T-shirts.  Several Pax to trial a Wed workout at Orange High School this week w/ Toast McQueen Q.

Prayers for Hightower’s father


Coupons at 2/2 Qs.  Duck Jousting seemed to be a crowd-pleaser.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are”.  -John Wooden

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