Expanding Circles of Suck

  • When: 01/30/18
  • QIC: Boucher
  • The PAX: Amphibious, Beano,  Buffay,  Bushwood,  Crab Cake, Food Lion, Kitten, KJS, Matte, Mayhem, Night Shift,  Weazer 
YHC has always held the Vortex AO in high esteem – mostly due to the brutality faced by the epic workouts led (with Assisi’s kind intensity) there.  YHC had never Q’d Vortex, and finally had the courage to try to lead a workout that was worthy of that simple brutality held in YHC’s mind.
13 Pax came out on a prototypical cold, wet gloomy morning.
Warm up
Vortex Warm up lap (arbitrary use of “30” as it was 1/30/18)
SSH IC x 30
IW x 30
Arm circles x 30
Mountain climbers x 30
Merkins x 30 (Diamond x 10, Standard x 10, Wide grip x 10)
Warm up lap
The Thang
YHC led the Pax in various modes of travel around the various lines on the soccer pitch
Goal box:
Traveling Merkins counter clockwise (to the right)
Once complete, peoples chair
Penalty box:
Traveling burpees down side, crab walk across
Once complete, BTTW
Mid Field:
Bear crawl down sideline, Gorilla walk across midfield
Full Field:
Sprint down sideline, backwards run across endline
Once Complete, plank
Goal Box:
Travelling Merkins clockwise (to the left)
Heels to heaven x 30
Freddie mercury x 30
American hammer x 30
Bush wood special flutter kicks x 30 (fortunately he kept it at 30 too!)
Thanks to everyone for coming out and bringing it.

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