Return to the Scene

August 2, 2021

WHEN: 08/02/2021
QIC: Shooter
PAX: Dogwood, Champ, Uzi, Foghorn Leghorn, Gilligan, Cousin Vinny, Bosh, Squeeze Box, Disc, Shooter.
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It was great for YHC to be back in the F3 saddle this morning at Kenan, to see some familiar faces and new ones. Believing there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, we pulled out a pretty standard in-stadium regimen, and an excellent time was had by all.


The Thang:


Warmup SSH x 20, IW x 12, goblet squats x 12, windmills x 12, arm circles front and back x 12, merkins x 12.


Mosey into Kenan Stadium to the benches on northeast corner for sets of split squats and Carolina dry docks: 12 each leg, 12 dry docks, three sets each.


Then onto the field, each PAX taking an aisle and for 20 minutes running the stairs and doing 12 goblet squats at the top and 12 merkins at the bottom.


Line up on sideline for two sets of Usain Bolts, one standard fare with one PAX
sprinting across and back while the others knock out an exercise (i.e. mountain climbers, planks, double-merkin burpees). For a second round, we broke into two groups with one group running two sprints and the rest doing double-merkin burpees with 2x plank jacks and flip.


The encore was one trip of Four Corners around the playing field, everyone doing a dozen ab/core exercises OYO in each corner, leaving a couple minutes for Mary.