Round Scrogg’s We Go

August 3, 2021

WHEN: August 2, 2021
QIC: Spooky
PAX: Boogie, Palmolive, Hanson, Plinko, Bump Draft, Cauliflower, Roots, Uke, Deep Dish
LOCATION: Pleasantville
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Spooky led the high-impact. Cauliflower led the low-impact.

Spooky led four pax on a journey around Scrogg’s Elementary School.  Toe-taps, Merkins and Jump-rope, three sets, behind the school.  Then bear crawl three times through the “tunnel” of the bus circle.  Hip-abduction strengthening near the field.  Mosey to the basketball court for some running along the baselines and sides.  Pull-ups and running man, three sets, on the playground.  Mosey to the front of the school.  Finally teams of two alternate running the traffic circle, switch off with partner working on 5 merkin, 10 squats AMRAP.

Cauliflower led six pax on a strength training workout with concrete blocks, bricks, Merkins and leg work.  Concentrating on lifting exercises rather than running.

Both groups were back together for Mary.  Flutters, one-leg Homer-to-Marge, boat-canoes.