Backwards Blackjack and AMRAP

  • When: 01/30/18
  • QIC: Sweats
  • The PAX: Sweats, Happy Gilmore, Chowdah (FNG), Cool J, Crean, Kia, Screech, Soda Popinski, Toolbox, Knope, Funny Money, Juco, Sherwin, Roach, Lowtide

16 PAX assembled at TBD on a cold and rainy winter morning, gloom, true to form, waxing gloomy as ever.  We quickly scooted our way to one of my favorite hills in the nearby environs, where we have created all sorts of pain for ourselves.  Those who have been regulars at TBD probably knew what we were in for as soon as we arrived.  Indeed, Juco nodded to me as we stopped at the bottom of the hills.  He knew what was coming.

Blackjack:  Bottom of hill, 1 merkin; Top of hill, 20 jump squats.  Backwards run up hill.  Ratio always adds to 21.  Quads were barking loudly!  The backwards run/jump squat combo had us looking forward to the merkins.  Back to Forest Hills Park at fellowship pace.

AMRAP Stations (2 minutes): Derkins, Pull ups, Swerkins, Dips.  4 exercises you really do not want a whole lot of, but we had a bonanza this morning!

Moleskine: Welcome FNG ChowDAH, originally from New England.  It was between Chowdah and Tollbooth Willy (thanks Happy).  Glad Chowdah won out.  Great to see the growth of the AO over the past 1.5 years, as we now average over 15 each week and often top 20.   It was especially nice to hear from Knope the positive things said about F3’s presence in the park and how it has changed perceptions.  It is true what they say: sometimes you do all you need to do just by showing up!

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