Podcasting for the Win

  • When: 05/14/18
  • QIC: Buffay
  • The PAX: Buffay, Nubbin, Pusher

YHC arrived to the top of #therock on a humid morning in the Gloom.  Nubbin and Pusher emerged from the fog.  The PAX took off and moseyed to the traffic circle.


SSH x 20 (cadence count)

LBAC x 10 (cadence count), Reverse x 10 (cadence count)

Good Mornings x 10 (cadence count)

YHC saw a car approach the pool.  The car moved slowly and YHC figured it might be another PAX.  YHC added two other exercises to give time for a potential PAX to make it down the hill.

WMH x 10 (cadence count)

IWs x 10 (cadence count)

No PAX emerged.  Later that day, it was revealed that @cortez was in this mystery vehicle and couldn’t find the rest of the PAX.


PAX moseyed to the park.  Last year, YHC listened to the F3 podcast as he dove deeper into F3 nation.  The podcast answers many questions about F3.  In one episode, the Q is discussed and @OBT described a workout that he loves to turn to….the DirtyMacDeuce.  YHC looked it up and found a routine for the day.


4 sets of 3 exercises.  Each set contains a chest, leg, and core exercise, and is completed all at once.  Each exercise contains 12 reps with a 4 count.  After 1 set is complete, the PAX took a lap around the entire soccer field and then moved onto the next set.

1st Set: Merkins – Squats – Hello Dollys

2nd Set: Diamond Merkins, Lunges, LBCs

3rd Set: Spider-Man Merkins, Squat Thrusters, Mountain Climbers

4th Set: Burpees, Squat Jack, Freddie Mercuries

Time still left on the clock, PAX moseyed to the overhang in the park.

Stations: Abyss Merkins x 20 (between benches) – Curls – People’s Chair

Nubbin picked up the largest rock possible for curls.  The PAX completing the Abyss Merkins was the counter.  PAX rotated twice through each exercise.

Needing to catch our breath, PAX broke into a Triangle of Fire and planked it out with each both calling out a 10 count.

PAX moseyed back to the top of #therock


WW2 x 24 (single count)

Flutters x 30 (cadence count)

LBCs x 24 (cadence count)

Sweat Angels x 10 (single count)

Box Cutters x 15 (single count)

Peter Parker x 10 (cadence count)

Parker Peter x 10 (cadence count)


No time left on the clock, PAX circled up.  Prayers for Nubbin’s upcoming trip.  Prayers for YHC’s upcoming Civil Rights Trip.  Prayers for all those PAX who couldn’t make it out and for all the prayers not spoken.


YHC later found out that we had the potential to have a total of 5 PAX in attendance.  We couldn’t link up with @cortez and @toastmcqueen set his alarm for PM.  They were missed.

Great morning with great brothers.

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