Merkins and Audibles

  • When: 05/21/18
  • QIC: Knope
  • The PAX: 2ply, Baggins, Coco, Cyanide, Dial Up, Driftwood, Funny Money, Justice, LaLa, Pebbles, Sal Pal, Shake It, Shamu, Soda Popinski, Soybean, Sweatervest, Tugboat, Two Face, Weenie Roast, Knope

20 PAX braved the gloom to start their weeks off right.  This was YHC’s first Q at Devils Ridge, and I was a bit nervous about what I had in store for the PAX.  If you were there at 0528, you may have witnessed me trying one of the exercises, just to make sure I could do it. As they say if you can’t do it, don’t Q it.  Once 0530 hit we jumped right in.

Warm Up

SSH x 24

LBAC x 12

Reverse LBAC x 12

Harvester x 12

WMH x 12

The Thang

We moseyed to the plaza between Cameron Indoor and the Box office for audible 1 of the day.  The plan was to use the benches in the plaza, but every one of them was blocked by a fence.  We did a quick change of location to the area at the top of the stairs that lead to the main gates of Wallace Wade Stadium.  YHC gave a quick history of Del Brown, the famous fly-fisherman that developed the crab fly.  The only reason I know that is we have a great F3 exercise named after him. It is an exercise of the Q’s choosing, with crab walks between the exercise.  On this day, we had a gross of merkins in store.  Starting near the top of the stairs, PAX crab walked to the other side, and did Merkins, crab walked back, and did more.  Each set of merkins numbered twelve, and we had twelve varieties of merkins in store.  They were (in no particular order):





Opposite Staggered



Hand Release



Carolina Dry Docks and finally


With the upper body a bit worn, we moseyed to Krzyzewskiville.  Upon arrival, YHC had audible 2.  K-ville is under construction, with a fence around the perimeter.  In order to give YHC a moment to think this through we did a People’s Chair in the shadow of of Coach K’s office, Ring of Fire Style with a 10 count.

Coming off the ROF People’s Chair, the call was made to break into teams of 3, with a Dora like exercise.  PAX 1 on each team carried PAX 2, while PAX 3 did Bobby Hurleys.  Once the carry teams reached the corner of Cameron, they turned around, returned to PAX 3 and rotated.  This was done until each partner did the Bobby Hurleys.

We were nearing the end of our time, so as  a group we charged down the walkway doing lunge walks.  We planked while the 6 caught up.  With 0615 fast approaching we moseyed to the start.


Box Cutters x 24

WW2s x 24

Flutter Kicks x 24


Coco and Shake It announced plans for a Memorial Day Murph, more details coming on Slack.  SalPal requested prayers for his friend Olivia, who is looking for a job, and Shamu was kind enough to take us out.



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