• When: 07/10/19
  • QIC: Cortés
  • The PAX: Buffay, Pusher, Nubbin, Florence, Halfback, Nickelback, Muzungu

YHC didn’t try very hard to fill the open slot on the Q sheet this week so as site Q I made a plan and led. Inspiration today is brought to you by my youngest 2.0s 2nd birthday yesterday. 8 PAX perfect no adjustments on the fly needed.

Warm up

  • Fellowship lap around the parking lot
  • WMH (IC) x 10
  • LBAC (IC) x 10  and reverse x 10
  • Good morning (IC) x 10

The Thang

Bucket brigade lining up on the home side of the football field steps 50#s in my Ruck: pass it down the line of PAX then run to the end of the line, we kept this up until we got a rhythm going ~6 sections until we got it “right”.

Partner up (size doesn’t matter) for Burp Back mountain. Each pair was responsible for 100 burpees. PAX 1 doing burpees while PAX 2 backwards run up the hill then forwards down 3 times then flapjack. (Special shout out to Florence who joins the Northern Province from time to time and has been present both times YHC has led this mumble chatter killer, thankfully the hill was slightly less steep than at #the rock AO). All the PAX crushed it.

Recovery on the move to the back parking lot (still mostly a construction site). Time to grab some wall for exercises while one PAX acted as the timer running to the end of the asphalt behind the school and back. Exercises were: people’s chair, London bridges, Dwight Howard’s and BTTW. 8 PAX so we got to do each twice! 

Recovery on the move again to the baseball diamond. 

Partner up (size matters), partner carry around the infield (but stay to the outside of the dirt) switch as necessary we did it … you guessed it twice. Mumble Chatter of the pristine field led to tunnel of love twice thru before recovery on the move again this time to the shovel flag for Mary.


  • Heels to heaven (IC) x15
  • LBC ((IC) x15
  • Gas pumpers (IC) x15


  • 3rd F opportunity this weekend helping a women move see @nubbin in slack for details (she is insistent on donating to a charity of the PAX choice) coffee and donuts provided
  • Prayers for discernment for muzungu on a job opportunity
  • Prayers for YHCs family  and the celebration of life for my FIL this weekend


YHC took us out with hopeful words that this is just the start to the positive impact that each of the PAX will have today within all of their interactions and spheres of influence. SYITG 

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