Happy 2nd Anniversary, The Big House

  • When: 07/10/19
  • QIC: Brotox
  • The PAX: Boyardee (Co-Q), RG3, Paperboy, Germ, Griswold, Zook, Stinky Pete, Rambler, Splashback, Chum, Molar, Paper Jam, Johnboy, Stubbs, Duplo, GTL, Catskill



Mountain Climbers x40IC

Overhead Claps/Seal Claps (x20IC each) x40IC total

40 seconds to stretch out whatever you want. 

At this point, YHC explained to the PAX—who were quite pissed off about the 40 mountain climbers—the significance of the number 40 to The Big House: in its first two years of existence an incredible 40 different men had Q’d the AO.

The Thang

Mosey to the courtyard.

Partner plank/derkin x20.  Partner 1 in plank, Partner 2 doing derkins with feet on back of Partner 1. Flapjack so Partner 2 does plank and Partner 1 does derkins.

Bear crawl/lunge walk around the courtyard.  Partner 1 doing bear crawl, Partner 2 doing lungewalk.

Partner interlocking situps x25.

Lunge walk/bear crawl around the courtyard.  Partner 2 now does the bear crawl, Partner 1 does the lunge walk.

BTTW/jump squat x20.  Partner 1 in BTTW, Partner 2 doing jump squats.  Flapjack so Partner 2 does BTTW and Partner 1 does jump squats.

Mosey to the Briar Commons park.

20 merkins, 20 dips, 15 box jump burpees.  Box jump burpees were audibled to 10 when the sprinklers went off, shooting that supposedly clean but suspiciously shitty-smelling water everywhere.

30 more merkins, then run back to the AO.

50 dips—boyardee claimed he did extra because YHC made him do so many mountain climbers.  I told you the PAX were pissed off about that.

Finally, crawl bear about 30 yards up the sloped parking lot and, mercifully, it was over.  Except for Mary.


American Hammer x20IC

Heels to Heaven x20IC

Freddy Mercuries x10IC


Thirsty Third Thursday kicks off July 18 at The Wall AO at 7pm.

Nitro is devising a plan for a M,W,F low-impact workout for those on the mend and coming off the IR.


Good to see Nitro out, who made a special appearance around the time of Mary as he was heading into the pool for a swim.  Get well, brother!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Big House.  Thanks to all those who have made it successful.  Briar Chapel and the greater Chatham County area have something really special in F3 and it’s great to see it flourishing!

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