I Just Swept the Circle of Death!

  • When: 07/11/19
  • QIC: Cosmo
  • The PAX: Fine Print [DR from Houston], Pallino [RESPECT], Kia [RESPECT], Floyd, Pancake, Virginia Slim, Awesome Baby, Castaway, WeedNFeed, 16 Seed

YHC rolled up solo to Tobacco Road for his first F3 post on first day of age 39. So it was an honor to Q at TR on the last day of my thirties!

Kia Q’d my first post, a four corners onslaught that almost made me spill the merlot more than once. It helped to be grouped with Floyd, whose non-stop riffing on possible names for me helped take my mind off the pain. Yes, he came up with Cosmo, though that doesn’t make me special. Feels like he’s named half the people in South Durham. It’s a gift!

Happy to have Kia and Floyd on hand for the almost-anniversary Q.

YHC went and scooped up Fine Print from his nearby hotel for a little EC ruck and fellowship on the ATT. He flies back to Houston today, but probably not the last we’ll see of him, as his company has an office in RTP. F3 Nation FTW.

To continue this week’s theme, we honored former pretzel purveyor/Realtor/policewoman/church secretary/problem gambler/trade show model/body builder Marge Simpson.

Best line from this episode: “Maybe death will stop your yammering!”

Groundskeeper Willie Mays Hayes (super slow – terrible Scottish accent cadence) X 10IC
Grandpa Simpsons (AKA Abe Vigoda) X 10IC
Slow Merkin X 10IC
Marge doesn’t really have a catchphrase, but is known for her disappointed/annoyed/worried “Hmm”

So had the PAX face off in plank position and do a variation on the Booyah Merkin, where they slap hands at top of each Merkin and give their heartiest Marge “Hmm.” As with yesterday’s Aye! Caramba! merkins, PAX were informed we would go until the Q felt everyone was on board. And, again as with yesterday, the PAX got into it. It was pretty hilarious. Thanks for humoring me, brothers.

Mosey to soccer field for


M is for Marge. And also for Merkin Mile – The standard is 25 merkins completed after each 1/4 mile. But YHC was worried about time and also wanted to do something of a re-creation of Kia’s four corners beatdown from my first post. So we went with a Merkin Half-Mile+ Three laps, 10 merkins at each corner for the first two, five merkins at each corner for the last one, so still got in 100 merkins.

A is for Alligator Merkin, aka Walking Merkin. Alternate stepping hands forward on successive merkin reps. You know…like an alligator walks, but with merkins. Went to top of goal box and back and that was plenty.

Moseyed to rock pile
R is for Rapid Fire Rock Set – Grabbed a rock and did 20 overhead presses, 20 rows and 20 curls with no rest, SC. Did three sets of these, doing 15 curls on last set as the Q’s arms were smoked.

G is for Goofball – Replayed this one from Monday, with a twist. Instead of running in place with arms going up in the air like climbing a ladder, we did so going around the peanut. Audibled to high knees and butt kickers halfway through before finishing as goofily as possible. Loosely intended to recreate the Mad Marge Dancers from the Krusty show, when Marge became something of a local celebrity when she lammed it from the insane asylum. (“It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge” episode 21, season 11)

E is for Everest – Lunge to squat to lunge on other leg, from rock pile to baseballs and back.

30 jump squats SC just for fun


Circle of Death (AKA Ring of Fire) – Referencing excellent episode entitled “Take My Wife, Sleaze” (episode 8, season 11). Marge is abducted by a motorcycle gang, and she becomes something of a den mother to them. Homer goes to her rescue and confronts the gang leader, who challenges Homer: “You and me, in the Circle of Death!” To which Marge replies: “Oh, I just swept the Circle of Death.” Please do yourself a favor and watch this clip, then the whole episode multiple times until you have committed it to memory. Anywho, we did a Ring of Fire with 10 merkins each.

Then Homer to Marge to Homer to Marge to Homer etc. until 0615.


The Bull, Oct. 26. Floyd informed we will hit all three Fs: four-hour workout will incorporate a service project, followed by coffeeteria of some kind.

Prayers of thanksgiving for YHC’s vehicle. Engine blew en route to DC last week, but found out yesterday Hyundai will replace it under warranty despite being 10K miles over. Truly answer to prayers, as that six grand would have been a real strain. Fine Print and YHC both also offered up thanks for F3. A true brotherhood that’s gaining a national reach. Simply awesome to be a small part of it.

YHC took us out.


Just as in first post, Floyd’s mumble chatter was on point. To answer your question, Floyd…

Bday/F3 anniversary/Simpsons-themed Q week culminates tomorrow at The Falcon with a Homer-inspired beatdown. Mmm. Beatdown.

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