Parking lots are undervalued

  • When: 06/11/19
  • QIC: Fieri
  • The PAX: Catskill, Rebar, Brotox, Nescafe

YHC hadn’t Q’ed in a while and was ready to get back at it! A beautiful morning was disturbed only by the sounds of Nescafe’s screeching tires (not really – exaggeration is the key to any good story) coming in with 45 seconds to spare…. YHC had preblasted that the key number for the morning was 48, but of course the PAX had no idea what that referred to. Here we go.

SSH IC x20
Arm Circles (Forward & Reverse) IC x10
Imperial Walkers IC x10
Willie Mayes Hayes x10
Warmup lap

YHC explained that the number 48 referred to the number of parking spots in the parking lot and that we would be doing a separate exercise in each spot. These included Merkins, Wide Merkins, Ranger Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Chuck Norris Merkins, Dry Docks, Squats, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Mountain Climbers, High Knees, WWIIs, LBCs, Lying Supermans, Overhead Claps, Seal Claps, Monkey Humpers, ‘Bows & Toes, Bear Crawls, and more…. Each parking spot with a car parked in it meant 10 burpees OYO. We did manage to make it all the way through all 48 spots.

No Mary as it was built into ME.

YHC has been remarkably lazy over the past several months. This was my first Q in about 2 months and it felt good to be back at it. Please support your fellow PAX and encourage them to step up. There are plenty of empty spots on the Q sheets. Aye!

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