Commemorating the end of the school year at the Eagle

  • When: 06/10/19
  • QIC: Boucher
  • The PAX: Avalanche, Awesome Baby, Botched, Food Lion, Graceland, IT, Knope, Loonie, MLP, Ocho, Yurt

As the end of the school year approaches at Creekside Elementary (home of the F3Churham #TheEagle AO), YHC thought it appropriate to pay homage to what a day looks like at Creekside Elementary.

Warm up
SSH IC x 50 (we extended this a bit to give time for Food Lion to join us)
IW IC x 30
Hill Billies IC x 30
Slow Merkin IC x 30
Mountain Climbers IC x 30
Good morning IC x 10

Count off by 6s and partner up for a mumble chatter encouraged fellowship jog to the front entrance.

The Thang
To commemorate the increasing excitement (or anxiety) for the kiddoes as we approached the front entrance of the school in the drop off line –
Sprint to first light pole 1 burpee 
Sprint to the next light pole 2 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 3 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 4 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 5 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 6 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 7 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 8 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 9 burpees

We then Lunge walked (to imitate the slow grind as cars slowly moved for drop their little ones off).  Fellowship run to front entrance for…
Johnny Dramas IC x 50
Then Traveling burpee to front doors.

Mosey to basketball court and immediate people’s chair to symbolize the usual end of the year student presentation/graduation/student affirmation…where students have to sit for long periods of time…We were lined up 12 across and the outermost Pax served as the “presenters” and their presentation/performance was to Bear Crawl to the fence, Crawl Bear back. Once we were all finished sitting through the presentations and completing our presentation, we had lunch. We Frankenstein walked across the basketball court and planked and did shoulder taps IC x 30 to symbolize shoveling food into the Pax’s mouths during lunch.

We then counted off by 6s, then by 2s (to simulate the Qs/Teachers lack of focus at the end of the school year). The two groups were going to compete in a relay race around the track (to represent the end of the year field day concept as opposed to the general free play recess). The Pax were instructed to have the first person in line sprint around the track while the remaining pax were left to do a dealers choice exercise until the next relayer came through. During these sprints the exercises included Merkins, SSH, Claps, LBCs, and overhead claps. We then moseyed back to the startex for…

Box Cutters IC x 30
Freddy Mercuries IC x 30
Heels to Heaven IC x 30
…and to honor the recently legitimized FLOYD PLANK
Floyd Plank
When smoked, lay on back with both hands behind head and one ankle up on one knee. Loudly complain of exhaustion for optimal results. Named in honor of F3 Churham legend Floyd.


Knope talked about a new North Durham AO at Riverside High School – be on the lookout. F3 Churham continues to grow! Great stuff!

Here is a GoFundMe link about David Earley and his poor wife Karen and children Liam and Lauren…if you want to learn more about their situation and if you are so inclined to help support them with prayers and donations

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!


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