No Running

February 24, 2021

WHEN: February 24, 2021
QIC: Nightshift
PAX: Big Kat, Clean Sweep, Foghorn Leghorn, Mueller, Arthur, Elwood, Harbaugh
LOCATION: Conjunction Junction
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Who loves to run? If you said I do, you’re weird… and you know it. I can say that cause I love to run, so I’m not judging others different than I judge myself. For whatever reason, most men avoid running like they avoid talking about their feelings despite the fact both are really good for us. The love of running is measured on a graduated scale. For example, I love to run up to about 3 miles. Double the distance and my love turns to dislike. Triple the distance and what was once love has become hate. I have no idea how I’d feel if I quadrupled the distance. I’ve never ran that far!

There are plenty of good reasons not to run at times. You may need to recover from an injury. There are some injuries that seem like they’ll never go away like plantar fasciitis, for example. You may also just need to rest your joints. We’re not getting any younger after all. This beatdown is for all us who still want to get the heart pumping without any running.

Imperial walker, hillbilly, bat wings, burpees, squats, and SSH

What had happened was….
• 10 burpees
• 20 WW2
• 30 dry docks
• 40 squats
• 50 SSH IC
• 40 squats
• 30 dry docks
• 20 WW2
• 10 burpees

Mosey behind the gym fir Bear Crawl 1-2-3. Bear crawl the track, Spiderman 100 Merkins, 200 Hillbilly Squats, 300 Freddie Mercury.

Hang Man- pax called a core exercise then hung while the others counted 20 IC.