Tater Special – Favorite F3 Things

February 24, 2021

WHEN: 02/24/2021
QIC: Tater Tot
PAX: Chowdah, Dial Up, Frozen Peas, Fresh Prince, Green Egg, Happy Trees, Larry Legend, Magellan, Roach, Rooney, Shake It, Soda Popinski, Spot, Texas Instruments
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Four PAX met at 0510(ish) for a CoW – Circle of Weights Extra Credit (BYOlb)
tclaps to Shake It, Chowdah, Magellan, and Spot for both showing up early and continuing to work through the peanut gallery that amassed as we drew close to 0531 (Durham Time).

It’s a beautiful day north of I-85 in the Bull City. While Monday at Jolly Roger was shoulder work and  YHC doesn’t love arms day. So Wednesday Q would be full of things that YHC can do well because being selfish is how to plan a workout. At CoT, YHC decided to share my favorite things about F3.

16 PAX ready to work. By 0534 we were mostly ready to start!


28 SSH. Then we 10 more because the Q still cant count.
Arm Circles
Imperial Walkers
MTN Climbers
Run a warm up lap to the gate to the back road
At some point the Q asked Rooney to step in and get the chatter down (Not naming names but it was Soda and Shake It)


The Thang

Ricky Bobby to the bus loop
— Tater Special – 100 Squats
The group did sets of 25. 16 PAX doing 100 squats is like way over 1,086 (the two math teachers present confirmed)

–Bus Loop Sprints (YHC is no distance runner)
Sprint across the bus loop, do 20 high knees, low squat hold. Repeato
Sprint across the bus loop, do 20 jump squats, Johnny Drama hold. Repeato
Change the travel method to Karaoke and backwards run.
Noticeable leaders in this venture: Soda, Spot, Larry Legend, and YHC. Pretty solid defensive backfield core. 

People’s Chair 10 count down the line. It was very spread out and so we were not sure if we finished or not, but we did.
Mosey back to the parking lot. YHC said travel however you wanted, Frozen Peas asked if we could just walk.
Bear crawl along the rail, hold plank at the end. The rail is longer than YHC anticipated.

–Merkin Pyramid
1 to 10 to 1 with plenty of ten counts. Yes it was leg day, but YHC wanted to get these in on Monday, and there’s no time like the present.


Flutterama – 20 regular, 20 Rosalita, 20 Freddie Mercury, 20 Hello Dolly, 20 Outlaw for another tribute to the 1,600 PAX of Churham.

CoT – YHC had to run/hobble/walk to my truck to get my phone for the video name-a-rama, I am sure there were lots of important announcements. 

9 PAX at the Worlds Greatest Starbucks for coffeeteria.


YHC shared my favorite things about F3:

  1. Dad’s Camp – My 2.0 still talks about it. Looking forward to bring my 2.1 and 2.2 eventually.
  2. CSAUP Events – Durham Dirty Dozen, ATT Ruck, The Bull, convergences
  3. Outside Events – GORUCKs, group Spartan Race in 2017
  4. 2nd F – lunches, happy hours, drinks, holiday ruck
  5. Networking – F3 connections were extremely helpful in my recent job search
  6. Posting Downrange (YHC forgot this one at CoT) – Posting in Wilmington, Asheville, Alpharetta, and Virginia Beach has been fun to see F3 from a different light. Strongly recommend Wilmington on a Saturday in the summer – if you can post at Baywatch on the 4th of July, its well worth it. (Apologies to Coco – I should have posted in SLC when I was there in 2019)


Great to see so many guys out this morning. The weather is getting better – about to be that magic season of the year to post!