Moving weight (Rocks)

April 29, 2019

WHEN: 04/29/2019
QIC: Cortés
PAX: Buffay, Nubbin, Pusher, Nickelback, Halfback, Sudafed, Tricurious

8 Pax gathered in the breezy gloom. YHC wanted to bring a ruck workout to the Pax this morning (some of them may still not know that is what we did) 30# ruck and cinderblocks were waiting at the park. 8 Pax meant we needed more weight, Pusher posted a reminder that the old rock drainage area was filled and planted as a drainage/pollinator garden … this meant we would need to do some exploring this morning.

Warm Up

Mosey to the traffic circle

SSH (IC) x 20

WMH (IC) x10

LBAC (IC) x 10 -then Reverse

Porta John Chinook (IC) x 10

Good Morning (I) x 10

Mosey to Cates Creek Park

Main Event

PAX were instructed to grab a rock (we found them) that they could move with and complete overhead press.

Cinder blocks were also available but declined by all.

5 Rounds of the following:

10- Walking Lunges (each side) holding weight

10- Plank pass thru of weights

10- Overhead press

Run with weight to end of soccer field and return

On round 5 PAX were instructed to remember their order of finish.

Returned Rocks and meet at the bottom of parking lot.

Partner up 1st with 8th place finishers 2nd with 7th ect. (Remember your order of finish)

Partner Paula Abdul (modified)

Since we were using Parking lot lines modified to 4 lines forward and 2 lines back

Stay with your partner 4 forward/2 back upon returning 2 lines back complete 5 burpees before continuing.

All completing 50+ burpees it was time for Mary


LBCs (IC) x 20

Superman ring of fire 10 count hold each PAX

Russian Hammer ring of fire 5 boxer crunches for each PAX

Some other 5 count 5 Nickelback called but I can not recall

YHC took us out

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