A Bunch of Jerks Pay Tribute to Brock McGinn

April 29, 2019

WHEN: 04/29/2019
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So as many know YHC is a big hockey fan and especially one of the Carolina Hurricanes. So after watching the Canes win a double OT game 7 against the Washington Capitals, which was only possible because of a diving save behind the goalie and the eventual game winning goal from Brock McGinn I knew this Q had to pay tribute to that effort. Brock McGinn is a perpetual 3rd/4th line guy. Not a superstar in anyone’s book but an absolute grinder and since most of the PAX are not superstars but grind it out every day I knew that it would appeal to them. 28 men took to the Green at SV and off we go.

Leave the AO at 5:46 (YHC warned that timeliness would be key) and run to Scroggs. Circle up.
23 SSH
23 Mountain Climbers
23 Forward Arm Circles
23 Reverse Arm Circles
(Yes Brock McGinn wears #23)

The Thang
Run to the loop in front of the school and get in teams of three for a classic hockey three-man weave drill. As a team you are responsible for 150 reps of each of the following exercises.
B – Burpees
R – Rocky Balboas
O – In-Cadence Overhead Claps
C – Carolina Dry Docks
K – Kurb Merkins
While one man knocks out reps one man runs the loop forward and one runs it in reverse. Switch as needed. It was brutal in its simplicity.

When complete sprint the hill up to Market Street, sprint the hill up to the AO.

23 LBCs

The Carolina Hurricanes have struggled in mediocrity for 10 years. This year after their first home win, as a team instead of waving to the crowd then skating off the ice like most teams do, they skated to the far end of the ice and jumped into the glass. After their next home win they slid across the ice like they were kayaking. Basically they took what was a standard wave to the crowd and made it fun. The fans took notice and started staying until the end of the game to see what they would come up with. The Canes weren’t winning much but when they did it was really something special. They were having fun even if it was sporadic.

Then after the first of the year something happened. The Canes started winning…a lot (they actually had the second best record in the league after January 1). Along with this winning their celebrations became more intricate. They would do a limbo line, bring a basketball net out on the court, reenact the Hammer of Thor, and use the scoreboard to play Duck Hunt. Well the rest of the NHL started to take notice and while opinions were split on it, it wasn’t until a grouchy Canadian hockey talking head named Don Cherry complained about what they were doing and that’s when they really gained notoriety. According to Cherry these guys were “Disrespecting the game and acting like a Bunch of Jerks.”

Well that was fuel for the fire and Bunch of Jerks became the rallying cry of the fans and the team. Bunch of Jerks t-shirts sold out and what was now known as the “Storm Surge” became the signature of the team, and even people who weren’t aware of the special season that was going on in Carolina sat up and took notice, and the Bunch of Jerks became a national phenomenon. The Bunch of Jerks were…fun. They didn’t conform to the norm and were broadly lauded for their creativity and adding some personality to the game.

So why is this important to F3. Because when you tell people what you do in the morning, get up to run around outside with a bunch of men they probably think you’re some kind of idiot. Who exercises outside, rain or shine, hot or cold (or pollen) when you can just go run on a treadmill or pump iron in the comfort of a gym with a group of strangers. A Bunch of Jerks that’s who. And even when members of their group tell them to stop playing around and having fun, they’re telling them they’re disrespecting the norm and acting like…A Bunch of Jerks. And I hope the men took this as a compliment.

I was honored to lead a large group of men this morning…they’re the best Bunch of Jerks I know.

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