Back to Basics at The Rabbit

  • When: 05/22/18
  • QIC: Nescafé
  • The PAX: Grunge, Wreckless, Quicken, Nescafé

Warm up

SSH x30 IC
High Knees
An assortment of stretches.

The Thang

Back to basics. It’s been a while since YHC had run the BC trails. Thus the thang for today included exclusively pure trail running infested with cobwebs. We headed out to Veranda and upon arrival we did a series of SHP and 10 recovery burpees, only to dust off some of the rust in our shoulders. We moseyed around an empty parking lot before heading back. Amazingly simple. Simply amazing. Back at the AO, the GPS marked happy 4.5 miles.


Crab Jacks x20IC
Flutter kicks x20IC
Plank jacks x20IC


YHC had been craving some trail running for a while, so it was nice to go out there in this humid morning and get it done. Mumblechatter was great and the PAX embraced the hills and on occasion muddy trails. There is something about these trails that make you want to start running. We started in the dark and finished in daylight on this humid morning. What a great gift. Thank you. Until we meet again in the gloom. Aye!

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