Low Impact, Heavy Bricks

  • When: 06/27/19
  • QIC: Coxswain
  • The PAX: Knope, Banana Split, DMV, Tugboat

Introduction: this workout’s theme was “Low Impact” due to YHC’s slowly recovering foot injury. So the PAX were promised no running or burpees, which was met with great joy. The PAX were also promised a solid workout, which they received.

Warm-up: short and simple. Willie Mays Hayes. Windmill. Little baby arm circles. Slow merkins. 10 reps of each.

ME: the PAX grabbed 2 bricks each and created two stations (one at each end of the Bullpen parking lot). Each station was assigned a five-exercise series. For each exercise, the PAX completed the maximum possible reps within a prescribed time period (60 secs for Round 1 and 45 secs for Round 2) before transitioning to the next station and exercise. The PAX alternated between the exercises and station following this general pattern: Exercise 1 @ Station A, transition, Exercise 1 @ Station B, transition, Exercise 2 @ Station A, transition, Exercise 2 @ Station B, etc.

The Station A Exercises: merkins, side/cossack squat, rocky sit-ups, scapular raise, overhead squat

The Station B Exercises: bent-over rows, RDL’s (one or two leg), superman, bent back flys, overhead reverse lunge

All exercises (except merkins) were completed with one brick in each hand.

The transition legs were: partner carry, wheelbarrow, sideways bear crawl, and crab walk

Mary: short and simple, like the warm-up. Plank, Mack-tar-jai’s, Plank circle. 60 seconds each.

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