Bell Tower of Power

  • When: 09/30/17
  • QIC: Chef Tell
  • The PAX: Banjo, Dean Wormer, Night Shift, Vice

Banjo and YHC met in the darkness for 0530 recon ruck. This would be YHC’s first post at TBR. The plan was developed using only Google Maps and reading previous BBs. No worries, as the recon ruck confirmed that the plan was solid.

Warm-up: Hooker Fields

  • SSH – IC x20
  • Merkin – IC x10
  • Air squat – IC x10
  • Skullcrushers – single count x10
  • Willie Mays Hayes – IC x10

Field work:

  • Bear crawl – width of first field. Plank hold on the sideline. Plank variations. Merkins.
  • Lunge walk – width of next field. Squat hold on the sideline. Over the line burpees.
  • Bear crawl – width of final field. Plank hold on the sideline. Plank variations. Skullcrushers.

Mosey to Bell Tower. Stop along the way for various PT: box jumps, dips, step-ups on rock walls.

Bell Tower of Power: Merkin Medley

  • Merkin Stair Climb (up 6 steps)
  • Merkin Stair Descent (back down 6 steps)
  • Plank walk around to the next side of the Bell Tower
  • Repeato until we covered all four sides and finish where we started. It seemed easier when looking at Google Maps last night. Feeling smoked. Only halfway through. Keep grinding.   

Mosey to Navy ROTC Building. PT along the way: more step-ups and more dips on rock walls.

Arrive at The Armory. Break into three groups with three stations: Pull-ups, Dips, and Stairs.

  • Round 1: Up and down stairs x3. AMRAP Pull-ups and Dips until stair runners are finished. Rotate.
  • Round 2: Up and down stairs x2. AMRAP Pull-ups and Dips until stair runners are finished. Rotate.
  • Round 1: Up and down stairs x1. AMRAP Pull-ups and Dips until stair runners are finished.

Impromptu Merkin stair-climb, then mosey back to Hooker Field. PT stops along the way: Step-ups, Urkins, Dips. 

Final field work:

  • Bear crawl the width of first field.
  • AYG sprint the width of middle field and repeato on the final field.

Ran out of time. Forced to forgo Mary, which received no opposition from the PAX.



  • CARPEX The Odyssey – Sat 10/7 Bond Park 0600-1000. Sign up here:
  • Ruck the ATT – Sat 10/14 start of ATT 0530. Meet at the old HH Greg at Southpoint 0500 for a clown car option to the starting point. Follow Slack channel #attruck for the latest info.


YHC closed in prayer giving thanks for the beautiful morning and all of God’s creation. Thankful for the opportunity to strengthen bonds with the PAX while strengthening our bodies. Reminder for the PAX that we were created to be great–and the greatest of all is the one who puts himself last; the man who does not come to be served, but to serve.

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