June 9, 2021

WHEN: June 9, 2021
QIC: Cosmo
PAX: Red Tape, Parent Trap, Cousin Vinny, Pookie, Moore, Knope, Scapula, Bellhop, Castaway, Swamp, Kia, Max Power, Pass/Fail, Scribble, Fiddlestick, Count Chocula, Wreck It Ralph, Crash Cart, Peppermint Pattie, Awesome Baby, MoneyBall, Dry Rub
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Happy to see a big crowd out for YHC’s first Q at The King’s Dominion – an auspicious 23, the GOAT’s number.
Doubtless many were drawn by the curiosity of seeing my twin brother, Pass/Fail, in the flesh. He was up here from Charlotte to attend the Canes game last night. Alas, didn’t go our way, but it was a good season and hope springs eternal.
There are lots of options at this new site, but opted to just stick with the parking lot islands with a focus on keeping the heart rate up, which meant lots of jumping and running.
Standard warm-up to include the requisite 5 burpees (get the first 5 out of the way, is my motto) and we headed down to bottom of the parking lot for


Partnered up for the following, Dora-style:

100 burpees, 200 flutter kicks IC, 300 jump squat
One wrinkle was the travel mode and distance changed with each exercise:
  • Burpees: bear crawl to first island, crawl bear back
  • Flutters: Bunny hop to second island, run back
  • Jump squat: Backwards run to third island, run back
Picked up the 6, got a 10 count, then simple round of 11s:
1 tuck jump at the bottom, run to the top for 10 WWIIs, run back down for 2 tuck jumps, back up for 9 WWIIs and so forth.
Picked up the 6 and moseyed back to the flag for

  • As it was 6/9, we did 69 flutter kicks IC in honor of the sex position and my lack of maturity
  • Alternating high plank-low plank ROF

  • Knope plugged a family-friendly event F3 Greensboro is hosting on Juneteenth, a 3.25-mile ruck/walk tour of some of Greensboro’s notable historic sites from the Civil Rights Movement. Learn more and sign up.
  • Eagle Spur Trail project at Jordan Lake was postponed from this past Saturday. It will now be held on the morning of June 26. Details all over Slack and announcements will be made closer to the time.
  • YHC asked for prayers for Pass/Fail, as he prepares to head to the University of Montana in August to begin law school, then took us out.

The support showed today was much appreciated. Especially glad to have Cousin Vinny, Moore and Pookie clown car from Chapel Hill, and for my Qru Peppermint Pattie making (I think) his first TKD post. And of course my bro. Memorable morning. T-claps to everyone for pushing through the workout with grit and good cheer. Continue to be impressed with the commitment shown by some of our newer PAX. An F3 guy on Twitter posted recently that he tells all FNGs: “It doesn’t get easier. You just get stronger.” Big ol’ “Aye!” to that.