Building Materials

June 9, 2021

WHEN: June 9, 2021
QIC: Dueling Banjos
PAX: Mothman, Chum, Nitro, Zook, Paper Jam, Splashback
LOCATION: The Big House
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Briar Chapel is a fast-growing neighborhood that has been under development for nearly 15 years. Recent supply shortages for the local builders had meant that building materials would sit unused as other pieces of the building project were on backorder. As a result, a giant stack of cinderblocks had been sitting for the last month about 2 blocks from the Big House (1 block from YHCs house). YHC couldn’t resist making use of said cinderblocks as his turn to Q finally came up. Of course, RG3 had just conducted a blockorama on Monday at the Thicket, but no matter. The PAX can’t get enough blocks, right?

Another hot and sticky morning awaited the crew as they pulled in. Splashback rucked and Rambler made a surprise EC visit for the ruck.

Warm Up:

  1. Lap around the parking lot
  2. 5 x burpees OYO
  3. 20 x SSH IC
  4. 10 x Good Mornings IC
  5. 10 x Forward Arm Circles IC
  6. 10 x Reverse Arm Circles IC
  7. 10 x WMH IC
  8. 10 x Imperial Walker IC

The Thang:

#1 – Paul Abdul – 2 spaces forward. 1 space back bear crawl.

#2 – Lung Walk – Go between the BC circle and Dark Forrest on our way to the blocks

#3 – Blockorama

  1. Lawn Mowers x 50
  2. Squats x 40
  3. Kettle bell swings x 30
  4. CPRs x 20 (“C”url, Overhead “P”ress, Tricep “R”aise (i.e. extension)) IC
  5. Merkin x 10
  6. Blockee x 5

#4 – 7s

  1. Find a nice hill
  2. 6 Squats at bottom
  3. 1 Burpee at top
  4. All reps conducted together.


2nd F at the constellation park on thursday. BYOB.


TAP for Rambler and for Spashback’s mom. The first day of no school for the summer brings a great opportunity to think about new beginnings. Get a fresh start, set some new goals, and be with your family as we come out of a tough year. Ay.