Joyful Celebrations

  • When: 09/28/17
  • QIC: Nescafé
  • The PAX: Adolphus, Appomattox, Bedbug, Bogey, Borland, Burger King, Chelsea, Chum, Crab Jake (FNG), Dean Wormer, DOI, Hightower, Kevin, Mothman, Nacho Libre, Night Shift, Rebar, Spooky, Swingline, Yogi

While this was not YHC’s VQ, it certainly felt like it at Paradise. This was my 2nd Q of this week but my first one ever outside Briar Chapel (BC). This is a sign that YHC’s confidence as a Q is getting stronger, or perhaps that the damn Q sheets at BC are way too busy and the next opening is May 2020. After warm greetings and a few introductions and pleasantries exchanged among 21 PAX, the clock marked 0530 and we were down to business:

Warm up


WindMill x20IC

ArmCircles x10IC

Reverse x10IC

Merkins x41 (the age I reached 2 days ago)

CrabJack x25IC

The Thang


Six stations were designated around the parking lot. PAX split into two groups. Group #1 started off first with group #2 trailing by a station. Plank at the start/end while waiting.

Station #1: 5 Burpees

Station #2: 10 Lunge jumps

Station #3: 15 IW

Station #4: 20 Merkins

Station #5: 25 Plank jacks

Stations #6: 30 Squats

Rinse and repeat, but multiply each exercise by 2 this time.


In pairs. Partner #1 goes BTTW while partner #2 bear crawl across the grassy area and back. Rinse and repeat, but this time bear crawl out and run back.


Starting on the side of the grassy area, do 1 merkin. Run to the other end and do 10 LBCs. Run back and forth adding 1 merkin and reducing 1 LBCs each time. Should always add to 11.


Peter Parker x15IC

Rocky Balboa x15IC

Boat/Canoe (Spooky)

Plank (Adolphus)


F3 Carpex is starting Cary/Apex CSAUP – The Odyssey, October 7 at 0600. Men will roam the streets and greenways of Cary, sweating, working hard, and breathing even harder. Meeting place is the community center parking lot at Bond Park in Cary.

October 10, The Goat and The Rabbit will converge at The Rabbit AO for an absolute feast of animal trail running.

Welcome Crab Jake (FNG)!


I celebrated my birthday two days ago, and there was certainly nobody more excited about my birthday than my 4yo daughter. She wished me a happy birthday many times, even at the end of the day when she was going to bed. It really amazed me how much pure joy she took for the simple reason that it was my birthday. As we go into our weekend, my challenge for all of us is to disconnect from our routines and make sure we do something for someone out of pure joy. Sometimes we are too busy with our weekly schedules or even with our weekend schedules, that we don’t take the time to stop and enjoy the company of our family and friends and simply take pure joy of being with one another. I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead this group during this work out today. Until we meet next time in the gloom. Aye!

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