Carrying Tables Is No Picnic

  • When: 09/28/17
  • QIC: Shake It
  • The PAX: Harbaugh, Beano, Shake It, Walt, Red October, Stop Drop and Roll, Pink, Ace, Pi, Big Cat, Kitten, Newt

3 PAX took off for an EC 5K (actually 3.2 miles) in the gloom. 9 more PAX would be waiting for us as we came in.  YHC had a quick discussion with Walt to make sure no one else was supposed to have the Q after YHC volunteered last night after noticing a blank Q sheet.  Walt seemed very relieved that YHC was ready to go, as that would mean not having to Q on the fly.  The PAX would wish YHC wasn’t the Q after all was said and done.



Basic warm-up with SSH, windmill, LBAC, and cadence merkins.


The Thang:

Go grab a picnic table with a partner.  Carry to edge of playground and set down.  Both members perform 20 derkins using the table.  YHC then let everyone on a secret, flip the tables over and you can carry them without the tables digging into your palms.  They were definitely a little more slick this way, but it was less painful.  Pairs then carry the picnic table across the field stopping at the fence. 20 irkins and 15 cadence count dips.  Carry back to the edge of the playground and complete another 15 irkins and 10 cadence count dips.  Arms were screaming for oxygen, so we returned picnic tables to the patio.  T-claps to Ace for completing this with his old man Pink.  Carrying the tables was no fun for even the strongest of us, but Ace persevered and kicked some butt on these.


Recovery 1 min people’s chair to get some feeling back in the forearms and hands.


Mosey over to the hill at the entrance of the school.  Backwards run to the top, 10 jump squats, jog down, and 10 more jump squats.  YHC ask PAX to pair off with someone of similar weight. Partner wheelbarrow to the top, switching as needed, and jog to the bottom.  Partners complete 10 jump squats at top and bottom.  Repeat.  Finish off the hill work with traveling burpees to the top and a jog down to the bottom. Once again completing 10 jump squats at the top and bottom.


Recovery jog to the playground.  Half the PAX dead hanged for a minute while the other half BTTW.  Flapjack.  Then we did 30 seconds of each as well.



Sprinkled in some American Hammers and Hello Dollies so Pi could continue to work on his six pack.



  • Tears that there is no 2nd F tonight.
  • YHC extremely grateful to be leading such a great group of men.
  • Reminisced over the naming of Stop, Drop, and Roll as he sought out the hole that assisted him in his naming.  Glad he’s coming out and tearing it up.

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