Third Time’s A Charm

  • When: 09/28/17
  • QIC: Shake It
  • The PAX: Shake It, Snots

Got started a little late as Snots was picking up a new pair of running shoes.  Somehow he had gone three years without replacing his running shoes.  Word of advice for runners, running shoes are meant for only about 300 miles.  For guys like Ito he must be buying a new pair every month.



2 minutes to stretch on your own


The Thang: Woodcroft Tour ~6.5 miles

Start out going south on the Tobacco Trail, but take a right on Rollingwood instead of continuing on the ATT.  Follow Rollingwood until you get to the Power Line Trail.

Right turn and follow the Power Line up the BFH and up to the ATT.  Left on the ATT heading north.

Left turn at Woodcroft Parkway.  Take woodcroft all the way to the traffic circle and exit left on Highgate. Stroll along Highgate until you get back to the Powerline Trail.  This time turn right and follow the trail to the Woodcroft Swim and Tennis Club.

Right on Woodcroft as you exit the club and take a left at the underpass.  Run all the way up Highgate and exit left on the traffic circle back onto Woodcroft Parkway.

Right turn back on the ATT, and follow the ATT until you arrive back at Bull City Running.



No. Go home.

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