If You Can’t Do It, Don’t Q It. But What if You Can’t Do Anything????

  • When: 01/31/18
  • QIC: Tater Tot
  • The PAX: CHOWDA', Green Egg, Tater Tot

As site-Q for Hurricanrana – YHC made the mistake of leaving the 31st of January off of the Q-sheet – [SIGN UP HERE!] and so the opportunity arose to take the Q this week – and with a full sign-up list until mid-Feb, YHC jumped at the chance.

YHC has had a rough time getting back into the regular schedule of posting and nothing motivates  a man to post at a site the next day more than if he HC’s (cue the peanut gallery comments…). But there’s no time like the present to jump back in. That said, YHC seriously needs to get back in gear…

It was cold. It was Super Blue Blood Moon’d. 3 PAX arrived to kick Wednesday’s butt. tClaps to CHOWDA’ for his second post ever on such a cold day. Around 0531 we jumped right in!


Warm Up
Run a Lap, imperial walkers, Willie Mays Hayes, Good Morning, Mountain Climbers, LBAC fwd and reverse, run another lap

Attempted Rows
YHC wanted to see if the gates in the parking lot would be good for inverted rows. They work, but are just a little bit too big to get a good grip.
5 rows single count under the parking lot gate, two sets

Gravel Road Run
Ryao halfway down the gravel road. Seal jacks in cadence.  RYAO the other half to the bus lot. Mosey to the soccer field
Bear Crawls
YHC, Roach, and Chubbs attempted this back in the fall – but Roach definitely put his hand straight into an ant-hill. With the temps below freezing today, we shouldn’t have any problems!
Bear crawl up hill backwards run backwards to first goals.
Bear crawl up the hill. Backwards run backwards to second goals
Bear crawl up the hil. Backwards run backwards to the woods
Mosey to the playground.
Playground Work
Two sets of pull-ups. 5 each.
Dips x 20. Derkins x 10
Dips x 15. Derkins x 10
Ten Count break
Dips x 10. Derkins x 10
Bus Loop of Doom
YHC loved the track elevator workout led by Red October at Devils Ridge in October – it’s so simple and very effective. Modified for our bus loop we run here at Hurricanrana.
  1. Merkins x 10, run 1 lap
  2. BWS x 15, Merkins x 10, run 1 lap
  3. Russian Hammer x 10, BWS x 15, Merkins x 10, run 1 lap
  4. Flutters x 20, Russian Hammer x 10, BWS x 15, Merkins x 10, run 1 lap
For the sake of time – we had to call it there and mosey back to front for Mary.

LBCs, Hello Dolly, Freddie Mercury, Scissors.

YHC plugged The Bull. Because it’s super fun!
Prayer and roll out!

Special Hurricanrana-specific announcement coming soon! Look out on Slack and here in the Backblasts!

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