I Want My F3

  • When: 01/31/18
  • QIC: Bunyan, Yanni
  • The PAX: Dueling Banjos, Minecraft(FNG)

I know, the 80s theme is way over used and such a cliche to do now a days, but as a child who grew up demanding my MTV and getting my shit scared by Freddie Krueger, the 80s were a good time and good memories. The Earl is coming up on 2 months and the site Qs decided that it was time to get out of the same old routine and try to have a little fun. YHC had just watched The Toys That Made Us on Netflix and got nostalgic, so the 80s theme it would be.

2 showed up early to ruck, bad idea in the 17 degree temp. However we found Narnia, 1 PAX went through and confirmed Buckaroo Bonsai’s theory that there is an 8th dimension.

DB was waiting in in the parking lot, and wearing pants, more on that later. An FNG rolled up, we gave the disclaimer and we’re off.

It was totally radical dudes…

Risky Business x20
He-Man Squats x20
Karate Kid x 10


Mosey to Salisbury St.
QBert down to empty parking lot

Comodore 64 – (8 squats, 8 merkins – repeat to 64)

1 PAX(pac man) runs around outside of parking lot, remaining PAX(ghosts) lunge in the opposite direction. When Pac Man catches the Ghosts, all bear crawl back to the starting box, complete 5 burpees to regenerate. Switch and repeat.

Comodore 64 again

Pile Drivers
Peoples Court w/ Judge Wapner
repeat x2

Frog hop down the parking lot stopping at each line to do 5 merkins
crawl bear back

Wheel Of Fortune

Walk Like An Egyptian back to the AO

Electric Boogaloo x 10

Penny Lane Farm volunteer 3rdF opp. this weekend. DM Boyardee on Slack for details.

Name-o-rama… Welcome FNG Minecraft

Go out today and approach a problem in a different way, don’t be afraid to to see the situation in as a way to try something. Be a better Father, Husband, Partner, Son, Brother, crazy Uncle, whacky ex college roommate or whatever you are in your community. Until the next time we meet in the gloom, Aye!

– It was pointed out during the workout that the FNG was actually a professional and that sometime in the near future he would fix our bad form during his VQ
– PAX learned the the magic degree that determines if DB wears pants is 28, so check the temp before you post with him

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