Once in a Super Blue Blood Moon

  • When: 01/31/18
  • QIC: CK, Grunge
  • The PAX: Boyardee, Chum, CK (CarPex), Closer, Cold Call, Double-D (South Wake, Respect!), Duplo, Earhart (CarPex), Grunge, I.C.E., Link, M4L (South Wake), Nitro (Respect!), Rambler, RG3, R-22 (South Wake), SirMixAlot, Spooky, Stinky Pete, Topper, Zook


Welcome + Greetings. Special thanks to our brothers from F3 CarPex and F3 South Wake, who have traveled in from afar. Aye!

Count-o-Rama: 21 PAX strong.

No FNGs today. Only seasoned veterans.

YHC asked the PAX to come together, remove covers, place their right hand over their heart, and their left hand on their brother. 3rd F is for Faith, and although F3 does not require or endorse any specific faith, we ask that you put your heart and mind upon that which gives you faith. YHC had PAX bow heads and offered up Prologue Prayer.

YHC had PAX turn attention to the flag and asked the PAX to join him in the Pledge Of Allegiance.

YHC led PAX on short, fellowship run to the top of the stairs leading down to the BC Clubhouse inner courtyard. PAX formed single file line and bear crawled down the stairs to the end of the courtyard.

PAX were then asked to form two lines facing each other.



YHC led PAX in the following warm up exercises:

SSH, x30, Cadence

BW Thrusters, x25, Single

Burpees, x20, OYO

8 Count Body Builders, x15, Single

BW Man Makers, x10, Single

Sherpees, x5, Single



PAX Human Coupon Carry + PT Exercise.

YHC had PAX count off in Fives. We had 21 total, which yielded 4 groups. YHC joined one of the groups as an extra. For each group, 4 PAX carried 1 PAX around the perimeter of the inner courtyard. After each loop, the entire group would evenly split and complete the following PT exercises:

100 Burpees (20 per PAX)

200 Merkins (40 per PAX)

300 BW Squats (60 per PAX)

400 Flutter Kicks (80 per PAX)

500 SSH (100 per PAX)

PAX rotated after each loop/PT cycle until every member was carried.


With first half complete, CK assumed the Q to lead the second half of the Werewolf.

CK had PAX remain in their groups of 5.

Plank Hold Combos + Run Timer

PAX in each group started off in standard plank position. For each group, 1 PAX would serve as timer and run out from courtyard, up stairs to parking lot, to the shovel flags and back. Upon return, he would call out a different plank variation (ie: Chilcut, Right Arm high, Crab, Dry Dock, etc.) which the group would assume while the next PAX took their turn to run. Rotate until each PAX in group served as run timer. This was performed for 3 rounds.

CK had PAX form a circle and hold Cheater Cam squat until everyone completed the exercise.

Tunnel of Love   

PAX formed two lines facing each other and formed a tunnel by assuming low squat hold and extending their arms. Each PAX then took turns bear crawling through the tunnel, then re-assuming the low squat position to extend the tunnel at the other end. This was performed for 3 rounds until the tunnel moved from one end of the courtyard to the other.



CK had PAX circle up, remaining in groups, for MARY. We went around circle and each group called out an exercise to complete. Group rep led the count:

First Round (x20, Cadence)

WWIIs, Flutter Kicks, **, **, AmHams. (Apologies for forgetting the two sets of exercises called!)

Second Round (x10, Cadence)

LBCs, Freddie Mercury, Homer 2 Marge, Box Cutters, Ski Abs

Time was called at the end of second round.





  • M4L offered up praise for R-22, who started his F3 journey last October and has since lost a total of 40 lbs. Beast! RG3 offered up praise for Rambler who has also undergone his own Beast conversion. T-Claps to both gents! Well done.
  • Double-D provided details on the upcoming Raleigh MULE CSAUP. 5 A0s, 7.75 miles. Meet up/Launch from Chavis Park, 3/10/18 @ 0615. There is a sign up sheet on Google Docs.
  • Boyardee requesting PAX for an upcoming 3rdF opportunity @ Penny Lane Farms. 2/17, 1000-1300 hrs. Appx 5 PAX needed. Please contact him to sign up, questions, etc.
  • Spooky offered up prayer request for LoPair as he continues with his fight and recovery.
  • Details on this year’s Bull CSAUP are forthcoming!


YHC was asked to take us out this morning. First and foremost, thank you everyone, especially those who came out from outside Churham, for braving the cold and coming out for the Werewolf on this rare and awesome lunar event. F3 and the brotherhood has made a big impact on my life. It has helped me get into great physical shape and get my body jacked. But, more importantly, it has helped me get my mind and my heart jacked. This is due to the brotherhood. Iron sharpens iron. We all help each other and celebrate each other. We pull each other up from our weaknesses, and encourage and champion each other in our strengths. We need to keep doing this important work. So I encourage you all, come get your body jacked, but beyond that, get your mind and heart jacked because there is so much important work that needs to be done. We haven’t figured out homelessness, poverty, why the chasm between the haves and have nots is so far and wide. We haven’t fully figured out mental illness, violence, hate, suffering. Haven’t figured out why our men and women who serve and protect this nation come home to neglect. We haven’t figured out how to stop our children from killing themselves and each other. This world cannot afford to wait any longer for all of you to step up, take your place, take up your inheritance, and make your contribution. The time is right now, men. Let’s get to work. Aye!


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