Hard Launch: The Grizzly

April 29, 2021

WHEN: April 28, 2021
QIC: Castaway and Swamp
PAX: Fiddlestick, Crash cart, Bells, Knope, Nightshift, Awesomebaby, Legacy, Count Chocula, ONe Direction, Skribble, Kia, My LIttle Pony, Scapula, OPEC, Cosmo, Geek Squad, Overflow, High School Musical, Swamp, Castaway
LOCATION: #TheKingsDominion – New Hope Church, Durham
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Today was the hard launch of The King’s Dominion.  We kicked off with a strong showing of 21 PAX, including a crew from Carpex!  Swamp addressed the group about the goal of the new site being focused on encouraging variety and inclusivity in every form.  Coupons, exercises, EC options, religion, and ethnicity.

He then turned to the site’s Shovel Flag behind him to explain how the colors in the Durham flag align perfectly with the ideals we want to instill in this new site on behalf of all the men that roll through it

  • Blue – Courage
  • Red – Action and Progress
  • Gold – High quality in all growth
  • White – high ideals












YHC then talked a little bit about how his second favorite roller coaster at The Kings Dominion was The Grizzly, a 3,180 ft ride that was built on a framework consisting almost entirely of wood.  In recognition of all the wood involved, YHC led the group after warm ups to the site’s newest coupons, a pile of 6’6″ logs roughly 200-400 pounds each depending on which on you picked up.  We used these logs for the first half of the main event.

Afterwards, Swamp mozied the PAX through what we are dubbing the I-95 Corridor to the bone yard for some Dora work using metal plates as coupons.

Warm ups:

20x Side Shuffle hops

10x Little Baby Arm Circes forward, reverse

10x Slow Merkins

10x Slow squats


Main Event:


     1. The Grizzly – 1,380 ft long (.6 miles)



YHC split the group of 21 PAX into 3 teams of 7.  3 PAX for each team had to select a log and carry it to the opposite end of the parking lot, .3 miles away.  As the PAX under the log made their way, those not under the log had to run to the other end of the parking lot and do Merkins until their team showed up.  That was about 40 Merkins in one go.  We then swapped team members and everyone ran down if  you weren’t under a log and did the same until their team’s log showed up.

Next, we laid the logs next to each other and had two men stay with the log and split the rest of the group between 3 islands in the parking lot.  The goal was to Bear Crawl Roll the logs up to the last island and swap PAX at every island.  Each island had a single exercise you performed until it was your turn to roll the log.  Island 1 – Squats, Island 2 – Merkins, Island 3 – WWII.

Hat tip to the PAX who assisted with getting the logs out to The Kings Dominion (Outbreak, Count Chocula, Knope, and Swamp)


     2. The Dora

Swamp lead the PAX to the other side of the site into what we call the Bone Yard where there is a pile of granite and metal plates used in construction.  We performed the following exercises within the Dora

50x Burpees (without plates)

100x Curls (with plates)

100x Overhead Presses (with plates)

150x Squats (with plates)

Afterwards Swamp led the PAX back to StartEX for COT



Swamp announced the F-OFF race and his Birthday Q at TBL on Saturday.  Cosmo announced his M being accepted to graduate school with a full ride through scholarships and grants awarded to her.  He also asked for prayers to keep his grandparents in mind as they struggle with old age and depression.  Jellystone asked for continued prayers as he moves through the interview process at The Triangle Land Conservancy.  Cosmo stepped forward to take us all out and coffeeteria followed attended by Swamp and Fiddlestick