For the People

April 29, 2021

WHEN: April 29, 2021
QIC: Maraschino
PAX: Bump Draft, Catskill, Fingers, Green Acres, Motor Boat, Nitro (Respect), Rebar, Singlet, Spam, Spookie, Tiger/T-rex, TPS Reports, Quicken (Respect), Vice
LOCATION: Paradise
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15 PAX relearned the lesson that burning the candle at both ends has consequences.  Fresh off a nighttime half-marathon ruck on the eve of my Q.  A few short hours of restless sleep under YHC’s belt.  And a hazy plan loosely related to Bump Draft’s required theme:  “The Government is Your Friend.”  Like a government check, YHC rolled out into the AO late.



Vice did his best Dick Cheney impression and temporarily served as the Acting Q under the 25th Amendment.  Warmup involved SSHs, WMHs, arm circles, and some other stuff.


The Thang #1 (A Bureaucrat’s Dora 1-2-3)

PAX partnered up.  One PAX ran around the parking lot while the other performed the following exercises.  Flapjack and repeat until reps were complete.  At the end, the wealth was redistributed so that all could finish on time.

100 4-count Curb Alperts (named after drummer Herb Alpert, whose 1988 performance of The Star-Spangled Banner was the most recent non-vocal rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl; exercises performed in recognition of the Federal Highway System).

200 SC Alternating Shoulder Taps (TAP is also known as the Transition Assistance Program)

300 Al Gores (inventor of the Internet)

Al Gore Discusses Global Warming - HISTORY

Mosey to the Shed.  


The Thang #2 (National Defense)

PAX were instructed to grab two blocks.  Turns out that would have been deficit spending.  Instead, PAX grabbed one and completed three rounds of the following exercises:

  1.  5 Blockees
  2. 10 Abyss Merkins (using Block and parking chocks)
  3. 15 Overhead Presses (Round 1); 15 Bent-Over Rows (Round 2); 15 Overhead Presses (Round 3)
  4. 20 Weighted Dead Bugs with Block Overhead (Round 1); 20 Weighted LBCs with Block Overhead (Round 2); 20 Homer-to-Marge with Feet Elevated on Block (Round 3)

Put blocks up.  Mosey back to AO.


The Thang #3 (The Benevolent Dictator)

Introduced PAX to new exercise called the Benevolent Dictator.  It is a 15-count exercise as follows (I think):

(1) Squat down, (2) legs out, (3) down part of Merkin, (4) extend arms into Superman; (5) Up up part of Superman; (6) down part of Superman; (7) roll-over onto six; (8) up part of WWII; (9) down part of WWII; (10) up part of Homer-to-Marge; (11); down part of Homer-to-Marge; (12) roll back to chest on ground; (13) up part of Merkin, (14) feet to hands, and (15) jump up.

PAX performed 10 together.  Then did one more.  Lots of grumbling.  Democracy is alive and well.



Ring of Fire:  PAX held plank and gave 3 Merkins while sharing their favorite government agency/service



Announcements:  Run for Malawi (Fingers generously offering to match up to $1000 for today only); Catskill reminded PAX of Habitat for Humanity opportunities


YHC took us out with rambling on self-government.