Good morning Dora!

January 15, 2020

WHEN: January 15, 2020
QIC: Knope
PAX: Amphibious, Assisi, Beebee, Botched, Boucher, Coxswain, Crab Cake, Crimson, Elf, Guitar Hero, Juco, Legacy, Loonie, Misery, Pancake, Riggs, Sweater Vest, The Body, Troller, Yurt
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HoP never ceases to amaze me with the consistent turnout of PAX. This morning at the start we had 21 PAX ready to get after it in the temperate gloom of the ides of January.


SSH x 24

WMH x 12

Can’t have a great day without starting with a Good Morning x 12

Imperial Walkers x 12

Batwing x 12 (FAC, RAC, Seal Clap, OH Clap, OH Press)

Lap around the church to the steel pile, low squat hold or pick up the six.

The Thang

Partner up with someone that uses a similarly sized piece of steel, each pair grab one piece of steel for a Dora…

Absolution x 50 (eight count exercise that starts in high plank, squat thrust, drop to chillcutt, chilli-jack, back to high plank).

True Amercians x 100

Alternating Jump Lunge x 150

The traveling partner was using a finger tip grip farmer carry, switching arms at the top of the back parking lot. The inspiration for this came from this article related to working on the core. Based on observation, this may have b een better with more weight.

Mosey to the back wall for:

BTTW x 3 count ROF

People’s Chair x 3 count ROF

BTTW x 3 count ROF

People’s Chair x 3 count ROF

BTTW x 3 count ROF

People’s Chair x 3 count ROF


Mosey to startex for Mary.

Pax lined up (not circle) with feet pointing down the hill.

Not So Lazy Boy – This is a reverse of the 6 inch leg hold. PAX keep their heels on the ground and lean back as far as possible with their arms crossed. At Q’s discretion they turn their torso so an elbow is just off the ground, repeato other side. For the PAX today, we did a 3 count ROF straight, 3 count ROF to the right, and 3 count ROF to the left.


March 21, 3:00 – Baseball at Crest St. Park, information will be added to the Baseball Channel on Slack as it becomes available.

March 28, 4:00 – Q School in Southern Village, all PAX are welcome, more information forthcoming. This will precede the Homegrown Ruck Event, hosted by Rambler, Griswold and Green Acres, immediately following Q school.

Saturday, February 29 – 0700, the Wolf. Hillsborough’s very own converngence. Check out the Wolf Channel on Slack.

No Prayer Requests.

YHC took us out. Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning gentlemen.