(Somewhat) Complex Exercises with (Somewhat) Simple Men

January 16, 2020

WHEN: January 16, 2020
QIC: Chum
PAX: Bump Draft, Spit Bucket, Rambler
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New AMRAP Site Q Bump Draft reached out a few weeks ago and asked me to Q. I couldn’t resist his irresistible charm. Wanted to try something slightly different from the more typical AMRAP workouts, and incorporate some ruck/sandbag oriented exercises. Three other brothers showed up to see if we could make it work.


Six Stations:

  1. Bear Crawl Bag Drag. Assume bear crawl position, with bag between feet. Reach back with either hand, grab bag, and pull it forward. Then bear crawl over it until the bag is back between feet. Continue for 40-50 yards, and then carry or drag bag back to start.
  2. Yanni Merkins. Using a cinder block, place on hand on block and other on the ground. Do a merkin. Switch hand postions and do another merkin. Continue in alternating fashion.
  3. Sandbag Clean & Squat. Bag on ground. Clean bag & do a squat.
  4. Blockees. Using a cinder block, drop down burpee-style. Do the incorporated merkin with hands on block. Return to standing and overhead press the block.
  5. 120lb Bag Rope Pull. Battle Rope attached to the 120. Pull the bag to you, then drag bag back to start.
  6. Overhead Clap with Bricks & Lunge. Brick in each hand. Do a lunge and clap bricks under the extended leg. Return to standing and overhead clap the bricks.

After first iteration, ruck up and lunge walk across the field. 10 Squats. Then lunge walk back.

After second iteration, ruck up and bear crawl across field. 10 Squats. Return.

Got one exercise into the third iteration and then called time.

Announcements: Bump Draft is planning to roll out a theme for February for AMRAP. Stay tuned.

COT/BOM: Thankful as always for the opportunity and for the support. Go out and finish your weeks strong. Aye!


Bump Draft knocked out some Forces of Nature EC…all by himself (cough – Bright Idea)

Next time, should maybe either shorten the distance or use a lighter sandbag for the Bear Crawl Bag Drag. On a related note, the 120 Rope Pull sucked donkey balls. Pretty sure there’s now an ankle deep hole in the midfield from where we had to dig in and “bear down” to move that mother f&#%ing bag.