Tapping Into Anniversary Nostalgia

May 1, 2021

WHEN: 04/30/2021
QIC: Marky Mark, Boyardee
PAX: Bump Draft, Chum, DOI, Duplo, Eddie the Eagle, Homegrown Berry, Huckleberry, Nitro, Paper Jam, Splashback, Stubbs, Vice
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What better way to celebrate the 4th anniversary of The Wall than to sample all that the AO has to offer? A total of 14 PAX did that on a warm Friday morning. The co-QICs game planned a full itinerary, so speed traveling between exercises (run don’t mosey!) was going to be key.


SSH, AC (forward only!), calf stretch, hip stretch

The Thang

Parking Lot: Paula Abduls

Grass Hill: Run up, Walk crab back x3 (the grass was much higher and firmer than expected, making the walk crab an experience that Chum helped dub the Taint Tap)

Pullup Bars: RofF pullups x10

Rock Pile: OTSBH, Colt 45s

Big Hill: AYG halfway, AYG all the way

Tennis Courts: Bear crawl relay

Picnic Benches: Dips to exhaustion, Derkins

BB Courts: People’s Chair RofF, BTTW RoF

Long Hill: Bear Crawl Ricky Bobby


H2H, Crucifix Hold RofF


YHC is frequently reminded of the impressive PAX that he sees each morning and around town. There are great fathers, friends, co-workers, neighbors. Role models for YHC, and for us all. Thank you.


  • The Run for Malawi is on Saturday. Last chance to contribute and/or participate. Details on Slack.
  • Welcome to the ‘hood, Huckleberry!