• When: 02/09/18
  • QIC: Grunge
  • The PAX: The Closer, Golden Pinky, Dueling Banjos, Stinky Pete, Breach, Flenderson, Sussudio, Gomer, Griswold, Boyardee, Horny Toad, Zook, Styx (FNG), Duplo, Kosher, Grunge

This has been a tough week for YHC. Trying hard to recover, stay focused, stay healthy and positive. Hitting the Wall on my training. Hitting the Wall on my investments. Hitting the Wall in life. Tired of stock market madness. Tired of putting a bunch of expectations and pressure on myself. Need to shut all that off, maybe tune into some Winter Olympics action instead. Maybe focus on putting together a decent workout for my brothers at the Wall instead. Sometimes to get back on top, you need to break it down, work your way to the bottom, get back to basics, then build up from there.


Greetings, One Minute Warning

FNG Welcome & Intro

F3 Disclaimer

     F3 is a peer led, zero cost, non-profit workout group. We make no representations about the safety, effectiveness, or sanity of the exercises or the skill level of the leaders. Workout leaders are not paid and do not possess professional credentials. We also do not own or make representations about the safety of the premises. We are all here on our own volition and we are here to help you get stronger and better. Challenge yourself, but do not hurt yourself. Modify if necessary. If these terms are agreeable to you, say aye! 

Aye: 16, Nay: 0. Let’s proceed.


SSH, x25, Cadence

TTT, x10, Cadence

Jack & Jills, x10, Cadence.

Mosey to the bottom of Hamburger Hill.


  1. Evolution

From the bottom of Hamburger Hill, PAX will use a different mode of travel uphill, approx. 100 yards. At the top, each will perform 5 merkins, then run back down the hill and crunch out 10 WWIIs. Low squat hold while waiting for the 6. We will move up the evolutionary chain with each round.

  • Inchworm
  • Bear Crawl
  • Bernie Sanders
  • AYG Sprint

2. De-Evolution

After last round of evolution, PAX run to the top of Hamburger Hill. From the top, PAX will use a different mode of travel downhill, approx. 100 yards. At the bottom, each will perform 5 burpees, then run back up the hill and punch out 10 BW Squats. Plank hold while waiting for the 6. We will move down the evolutionary chain with each round.

  • Bounds
  • AYG Spring
  • Lunge Walk
  • Crab Walk

Run to the basketball courts. Split into two groups. Group 1 performs the Australian Mountain Climber (Mountain Climbers in inverted BTTW position) while Group 2 performs the Shoulder Air Press while in People’s Chair. Exercise done in cadence, x15. Flapjack so that both groups perform each exercise.

Run to original meet up spot for MARY.

Plank hold circle. 10 Count for each of the following: Standard, Low, Standard, Right Arm High, Standard, Left Arm High, Standard.

Time called. Fin.



  • Sunnyside, Sat morning @ 0800. Meet up @ Great Meadow Park. Great Dad + 2.0 workout. Opps for 2.0 fellowship/play afterwards. Kudos Stinky Pete for getting that going!
  • Boyardee still looking for approx. 4 PAX for the Penny Lane Farm 3rdF, Sat, 2/17, 1000-1300. Please contact Boyardee to sign up, questions.
  • Rebar’s Habitat For Humanity 3rdF tomorrow, 2/10, 0830-1530. Breakfast @ Pittsboro, McDonald’s @ 0700. Please contact Rebar for deets.



FNG Naming. There were a number of great suggestions by the PAX. YHC met FNG as he works with my M in Durham. When he and his family moved into the neighborhood, we got together on a few runs, but then he injured his achilles during a basketball game, to which YHC was very much disappointed to lose his running bud. Based on our history, YHC ultimately decided to go with Styx as in Achilles being dipped into the River Styx. If you want to get to Heaven, you gotta go through some hell. Welcome to hell, my brother.


Hitting the wall is scary as hell. You will be motoring along and all is well, then bam. it takes you down. It is utter and total shutdown. You may not always be able to avoid it, but you can take steps to try and prevent it, or at least recognize the signs for when it is about to strike.

Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, financial…the best way to prepare is to just grab onto your balls and jump into the abyss. The key, though, is to do it when the stakes are low and not when things really count. Physically, I will prepare by going on a 10-12 mile training run after a boot camp workout, totally fasted. That will push me close to glycogen depletion. Over time, you begin to understand your body and your limits, and recognize the signs of when you are about to break down. Then, you test various methods of how to get yourself out of that mess.

Same principle really for other areas in life. You have to be willing to take off the rose colored glasses and put yourself in the worst case scenarios. You need to shed light in all the dark corners and face your demons or gremlins head on. Deal with them before things get overwhelming or spiral out of control. Are you on cruise control? Are you just motoring through life right now thinking all is well? Perhaps now is the time to take a good, hard, honest look at your financial situation, or your career, or your marriage, or your kids. Whatever it is, do the hard work now and prepare so you don’t get caught off guard. Recognize the signs. You don’t want to be taken out of the race when you are so close to the finish line. Aye!

Go Team USA!!

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