A Bouyant PAX and a First Q

  • When: 02/09/18
  • QIC: Stevie Ray
  • The PAX: Pink, Spooky, Dean Wormer, DOI, Eddie the Eagle, Nucky, Manafort, French Lick, Kevin, Homes, T. B., Turnpike, Trickle, Sherman, Wuerffel, Band Camp, Stevie Ray

Lots of encouragement and support for this new Q on a cold morning.

Warm Up
Warmup lap around the “Water Feature” at Bastille.
Good Morning
Willie Mays Hayes
Arm circles (thanks for that Manafort)

The Thang
A mosey over to the bottom of a hill in Southern Village proper preceded a Jacob’s ladder with squats at the bottom and burpees at the top. The PAX ran, bear crawled, cariocaed, ran backward, lunged, side shuffled, and sprinted squats to burpees.

The PAX moseyed via Spooky’s shortcut to the pavilion for 10 dips IC and 10 derkins IC x2.

Box cutters
Heels to Heaven!!!


Body My Playmate by Dag Hammarskjold
Body my playmate, neither the master nor the slave
A buoyant hear will bear you along as you cheer my way with your lively flame
But, body my playmate, you must not flinch nor fail me
When the moment comes to do the impossible.
Followed by a brief note on relevance to F1, F2, and F3.

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