The AMRAP 360ish

  • When: 02/08/18
  • QIC: Griswold
  • The PAX: Rambler, SirMixAlot, Zika, Griswold

YHC was looking forward to the Q today, but did not find a ton of time to write this Q until late last night. Based on necessity, YHC decided to keep it simple. Try to work every muscle group, try to give each a group a break without taking an actual break, increase work capacity, strength and overall awesomeness. What follows is the account of said awesome making.

EC was called for and then cancelled within a few short hours the evening before the workout. That being said YHC did see Rambler running laps in the AO parking lot so 1 PAX did get some EC in. 4 PAX were present for the rest of the fun.


The Warmup:

Cross Jacks IC x 21

Imperial Walker IC x 11

Slow Good Morning IC x 11

Fellowship Lap around small parking lot circle


The Thang:

YHC wanted to incorporate some speed and capacity work into AMRAP, and YHCs limited knowledge of these things allowed for only one conclusion, sprints should be involved.

The below nine movements/stations were set up at the outset of the parking lot. 15 reps were completed by the PAX at a station (save for the forearm developer, where 2-5 were completed because they are really difficult), immediately upon finishing the 15th rep an approximately 50 meter sprint and mosey back to start were preformed. PAX did high plank, low plank, reverse plank or squat hold until all had completed run. Then moved to the next movement.

Here are the movements:

  1. Straight Arm Front Plate Raises: 25#
  2. Sandbag shouldering: 40#
  3. Overhead Lunge w/ plate: Either 25# or 45#
  4. Band Curl
  5. Overhead Squat w/ sandbag: 60#
  6. Forearm developer: 5# (that may not sound like a lot, but it SUCKED!)
  7. KB Swing: 35# or 50#
  8. Med Ball Slam: 12#
  9. Barbell movement – Deadlift, Row, Clean, Snatch or anything else with a barbell: 95#

Time allowed for 3 full rounds of this. One 10-count was taken midway through each round and 75 seconds between rounds. This meant that each PAX preformed 360 reps plush whatever was accomplished on the grip trainer.


Flutter Kicks x 20? Lead by Rambler

Crucifix Hold Ring of Fire x 5 count each


No announcements were made, but here are a few:

-Boyardee is organizing the workday at Penny Lane Farms 2/17

-This Saturday Rebar is coordinating the Habitat for Humanity 3rd F

-Still looking for a couple of guys for Ragnar SC race Oct 5-6. Check out Ragnar_SouthCarolina channel for details or hit up Rambler



Great quote from the highly inspirational and truly BA Jocko Willink, “Your life is like a story. You’re writing it. And you don’t know how long the story is. You don’t know how many chapters you’re going to get. So I would say go ahead and fill ‘em up.”

We are writing our own story every day. If we live our life like everything we do is being recorded for future generations to study, would we do it a little different? Would we get up earlier? Push harder? Make fewer excuses? Waste less time? Spend more time with our families? We are the ones that control the narrative of our lives, make sure when you are done writing it you will be happy when you read it.




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