Devil’s Ridge Remote Q

  • When: 03/23/20
  • QIC: Misery
  • The PAX: Unknown, hopefully many

F3 Churham is physically shut down due to the coronavirus so the virtual Qs continue, which has led to some creative and awesome workouts and a chance for us to all keep in touch, even if only on slack. This workout is to be done solo and at home – basement, garage, living room, front porch, don’t care.

Warm Up

SSH x 25
Willie Mays Hayes x 10
Imperial Walker x 15
A couple unnecessary comments about Doogie and/or the exchange fart sacking the v workout in their own homes
Slow Merkin x10

Vision Quest

The “Vision Quest” soundtrack must be played during the workout.

Thanks to Sweats for sharing the soundtrack on Slack. “Vision Quest” came out when I was in high school and is one of my favorite movies. My high school was a perennial state power in wrestling and wrestling was THE sport at my school. While I never wrestled (life long b-baller), many of my close friends did. Their dedication and workouts inspired me. I once went on a double date with a friend who ordered a 1/2 glass of water for dinner (that was all) and then went home and ran 3 miles.

The Thang

Jump Squats x 30
Merkins x 50 (modify as needed. I did two sets of 25)
Dips x 30 (use a ledge, chair, porch step, whatever)
Burpees x 20
SSH x 30
Mountain Climbers for one minute, 3 times.

Rinse and Repeat x 2 (total of 3 times). Add an additional 1-2 sets if needed. The workout should take at least 30 minutes.


Russian Hammer x 20
Flutter kicks (cadence) x 20
Ski abs x 20
LBC x 20

Prayers for small business and employees impacted by the Coronavirus. I just learned that several of my cousins and in-laws are likely losing their jobs.
My ask – support a local business this week. Some suggestions:
_ Buy a gift card from Bean Traders
_ Order takeout (curb pick up service) from a local restaurant (too many to list here)
_ Order food from Carrboro United food hub (supports local farmers).

Stay safe and keep in touch with those close to you – phone, face time, slack, whatever

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