Slow Dance Alone…To The Sound Of Four Hands Clapping**

March 20, 2020

WHEN: March 20, 2020
QIC: Grunge
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YHC 3 Year F3 Anny Q. Initially rolled this WO out at Tobacco Road a couple years ago. My take on 9 Rounds with Bruce Lee.

LOL…Does anyone even read these?


  • SSH, x10 Cadence
  • Mtn Climb, x10 Cadence
  • Burpee, x10 Single
  • Body Builder, x10 Single (Burpee with Plank Jack after Merkin)\
  • Man Maker, x10 Single (Burpee with Merkin + L Arm Row, Merkin + R Arm Row)


9 Rounds With Bruce Lee

a) 200 Meter Run
b) Diamond Merkin
c) Alt Jump Lunge (L&R =1)
d) Pull Up (if no bar, sub in Handstand Shoulder Taps, Cadence)
e) Toes To Bar (if no bar, sub in V-Ups)
f) Lateral Jump Burpee
g) BW Squat

Perform each in succession. 200 Meter Run is your “rest.” Run it at a pace that I would deem acceptable.

All exercises x10 Single, unless otherwise noted

Complete a through g = 1 Round

Goal = 9 Rounds


  • WWII, x10 Single
  • Flutter Kick, x10 Cadence
  • LBC, x10 Cadence
  • Box Cutter, x10 Cadence
  • Heels to Heaven, x10 Cadence
  • Hollow Hold – 1 Minute




  • Stay at home. Practice SSD



  • Stay at home. Practice SSD.
  • Love those around you. Be good to your family, friends, community. Don’t be a hater.


** A.B. Schwarzenbach