The Deck of Death

  • When: 03/23/20
  • QIC: Splashback
  • The PAX: The Churham Faithful


I know that the “Deck of Death” is looked down upon with some derision by most of you (maybe not to @Mothman Dora levels of hatred -but still) but I’ve always been a fan when unsure of what to do and on my own. It’s infinitely adaptable and you always end up halfway through wondering how it’s possible that there’s ANOTHER club turning over when you’ve just had 3 in a row. . . . I love the Deck of Death.


200 yard mosey

10 Arm Circles Forward

10 Arm Circles Backwards

10 Slow Merkins (3 down – 1 up)

10 Radish Pickers IC

10 Willie Mays Hays

The Thang:

Grab a deck of cards and get after it!

Number cards = that many reps

Hearts=SC Squats

Spades=SC Merkins


Diamonds=WW 2


Q=20IC Mtn Climbers

K=30 Second Plank

Ace= your choice of 7 pull ups or 7 dry docks (if no pull up option)


Originally I planned to Q today with a very different workout as a celebration of a return to some semblance of normalcy for myself and my family after the birth of our daughter back in January. However, with current events, that normalcy seems farther away than ever. As my family settles into our new routine we’re trying to find some bright spots – like learning to be more patient with each other, going for more family walks to get outside and rediscovering board games and other inclusive family activities since we don’t have our normal distractions like college basketball and kids sports. Last week was exceptionally difficult for me in a lot of ways but I continue to find F3 to be one of the bright spots in my life and I continue to be grateful for it and all of you. Can’t wait to get back to our gatherings in the gloom – but until then let’s keep these virtual workouts going – they’ve been awesome. Until next time – AYE!

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