Deconstructing the Burpee

September 18, 2019

WHEN: September 18, 2019
QIC: Shake It
PAX: Magellan, Happy Trees, Fresh Prince, Carlton, Unicycle, Radar, Larry Legend, Jeeves, Justice
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5 PAX assembled at 0500 for a 5k through Croasdale Farm. We got back right at 0530 and joined an additional 5 for the main event.


  • SSH x25 (IC)
  • WMH x10 (IC)
  • BWS x10 (IC)
  • LBAC x10 forward x10 reverse (IC)
  • Merkins x10 (SC)
  • Wide Merkins x10 (SC)
  • Diamond Merkins x10 (SC)
  • Imperial Walkers x10 (IC)

Deconstructed Burpee Dora

We moved as a group to the bus parking lot in the rear of the school. YHC explained that we would be doing a Dora. One partner would run from one island to the next, while the other started knocking out the assigned reps. YHC decided to break the traditional burpee into its three main exercises so we did 200 burps, 200 merkins, and 200 jump squats. As groups began to finish up, YHC had them plank walk around the island until the last pair finished. “We need to be working just as hard as they are.”

Once our last pair finished their dora, we sauntered over to the playground. PAX had to find something they could hang by, most of us used the monkey bars. YHC had the PAX dead hang for 1 minute. After a short rest and a 10 count, we did a 30 second dead hang.

String of pearls style, we made our way to the rear entrance of the school to use their wall. We did a set of 10 donkey kicks against the wall with YHC calling up and down. YHC varied on how long we stayed in the up position just to keep the PAX guessing. We finished our time at the wall with a 1 minute people’s chair.

Head back to the front parking lot for mary.

Mary: In Cadence

  • Hello Dolly x20
  • Freddie Mercury’s x20
  • Nolan Ryan’s x10 left hand x10 right hand
  • Heels to Heaven x25


YHC explained that one of the elements of an F3 workout is that they are peer lead in a rotating fashion, meaning all men are expected to lead. We’ve got co-Q month coming up in October at Hurricanrana, and would be nice to see some fresh faces step up to the plate.