Cold, Schmold. Modified Ladders and Coffeteria!

  • When: 12/29/17
  • QIC: Red October
  • The PAX: Boyardee, Golden Pinky, Rambler, Zook, Nitro, Mothman, John Boy, I.C.E, Chum, Grunge, Topper, Horny Toad, Red October (YHC)

Without getting too Schmaltzy/Cheesy allow me some latitude if you will:   Every F3 Workout  provides a memorable moment.   A moment of Joy.     The moment that comes unexpected, and not looked for.   Part of the beauty of it is that it is not forced, it is natural, and flows out of the time and tide of the workout.  Sometimes it is a physical mistake, a forgotten / missed word, or as in the case of today a few words spoken in jest (2 min. of jumping over a line lasts a lot longer than 2 min in bed with the M!), and a throw away comment at the end of a workout from one of the PAX during announcements. (I need help getting up!)   When those moments arrive, they provide warmth, a smile, a memorable moment of Joy.   Look/Listen for those moments as hidden bonus’s at the F3 workout.

COLD.    16 Deg Cold.   That was what my thermometer said this morning as I pulled out of my garage at 0500 for the trek down to the Wall.  That did not deter 1 Very Motivated PAX for EC Ruck and 13 PAX in total for the last 2017 beatdown at the Wall.   Even though it was cold out, the PAX rolled around on the cold ground like a bunch of Polar Bears.

Warm Up: Run down the hill to the divided street.   Instead of a normal warmup, YHC was inspired by a workout that he attended where Assisi, a Durham PAX, was the Q.   The PAX were to run one length up the divided highway, shuffle right back, shuffle left up the highway, then backward run.  Repeat until the “engine” catches the “Caboose” (Or the fastest guy catches the 6).   In this case we got through 1 1/2 laps.   Note: we will have to make it a longer track next time to allow for more warm up.

Main Event:   Mosey back to the Happy Place (no not the Fartsack) but the Tennis Courts.    Today’s beating was a very simple ladder.   My apologies up front for “forgetting” the first round of flutter kicks that I promised.

2 Min: FWD and Back Jumps
2 Min: Ski Jumps
2 Min: Flutter Kicks
3 Min: Bear Crawl one tennis court, 3 Merkins, Crawl Bear back, 3 Merkins Repeat.
3 Min: Traveling Burpees two tennis courts, backward run back to start.   Repeat.
4 Min: Pair Up Wheelbarrow one tennis court, team does 3 Squarkins, Switch and Wheelbarrow back, 3 Squarkins.  Repeat.

Back down the ladder.   (We missed the first round of Flutter Kicks and had to substitute them in between Burpees and Wheelbarrows.   I owe you guys some Flutter Kicks)

Mary:  Flutter Kicks x 50.

Announcements:  Convergence at TBL on Monday January 1st 0700.   January 1st is also the birthday of F3.   The Thicket is going at normal time, so it might be good day to double down and start that 2018 workout count.

Prayers: There are several PAX, and their families who are in need of our prayers.   For all of those shared prayer requests this morning I apologize for not remembering them.

Coffeeteria: 6 PAX showed up at the Break Away Cafe for some Coffee, Pastries and 2ndF: Fellowship.   It was great talking with Mothman, Grunge, Rambler, I.C.E., and Horny Toad. Another great way to start the day.


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