15 Degrees of “Fun”

  • When: 12/29/17
  • QIC: Buffay
  • The PAX: Buffay, Hightower, Toast McQueen

YHC opened his weather app at 4:50….”15 Degrees” in Hillsborough.  Based upon that reading, YHC figured only a few PAX would show up.  YHC was correct.  At 6:15, 3 shivering PAX set out to warm themselves.


SSH x 15 (cadence count)

Good Mornings x 15 (cadence count)

LBAC x 15 (cadence count), Reverse and repeato

WMH x 16 (cadence count)


Last week, YHC planned to co-Q with Toast for his VQ.  Unfortunately, YHC succumbed to spilling merlot in the middle of the AM and thus could not attend such a wonderful event.  YHC convinced Toast once again that he would have support this week, so they decided to co-Q “again.”  Only having 3 PAX present, YHC decided to have a tri-Q, wherein YHC would lead the first 1/3, Toast the second 1/3, and Hightower would have MARY all to himself.

PAX moseyed to the wall across from the Fire Station for BTTW and People’s Chair.  PAX enjoyed three rounds of 30 seconds of BTTW and 30 seconds of People’s Chair all in a row, no breaks.

PAX moseyed to the parking lot behind Cup-A-Joe.  In honor of the youngest PAX this AM, 33 Burpees were performed to celebrate 33 years.  Once complete, PAX moseyed to a new favorite area of the same parking lot….The Keg Shell Graveyard.

This AM, the PAX came upon only one keg shell.  However, this was a glorious keg shell.  Not a pony keg shell, but a full on beauty.  PAX formed three stations: (1) Keg Shell Coupon; (2) Merkins; and (3) Air-Squats.  The PAX utilizing the Keg Shell Coupon was the timer.  While each PAX manhandled the Keg Shell Coupon, the other PAX completed their respective exercise until the timer “ran out.”  The PAX rotated until each PAX enjoyed a Keg Shell Coupon workout.  Three rounds of Keg Shell Coupons were performed: (i) Overhead Press x 15 (single count); (ii) Rows x 15 (single count); and (iii) Curls x 15 (single count).  Thoroughly worked and warmed up, Toast took over the Q.

PAX moseyed to the middle of the parking lot for some Paula Abduls.  PAX covered about 25 yards of 2 parking spaces forward and 1 parking space back until they reached the median.  Bear-Crawl for the forward movement, and you guessed it, Crawl-Bear for the backward movement.

PAX moseyed back to the Weaver Street Parking Deck.  PAX stopped on the 2nd level for 4 movements interspersed with Merkins.  Up 1 level via Walking Lunge, 10 Merkins at the top, Down 1 level via Bunny-Hop, 10 Merkins at the bottom, Up 1 level via Karaoke, 10 Merkins at the top, Down 1 level via Karaoke, 10 Merkins at the bottom.  PAX then sprinted to the top of the Parking Deck.  Toast passed the baton to Hightower and MARY commenced at the bottom of the Parking Deck.


Flutter Kicks x 30 (cadence count)

Heels to Heaven x 15 (cadence count)

LBCs x 15 (cadence count)

Ring of Fire, dealer’s choice of Plank position. 1st Round: Hightower – 15 seconds Plank – Regular; Toast -15 seconds rotating Plank-Right Arm High and Left Arm High; and YHC – Makhtar N’Diayes x 15 (4-count). 2nd Round: Hightower – 15 seconds Plank – Regular; Toast – 15 seconds of Chilcutts; and YHC – 15 seconds rotating Plank-Right Arm High and Left Arm High


Announcements – New Years Challenge starts on January 1.  6 workouts in 6 days, Jan 1 – 6.  Should be fun…and cold.

Prayers for Hightower’s Father who will begin cancer treatment at Duke on January 3.

Prayers for a Happy New Year.


Wonderful morning.  YHC was excited to know that even though we were dealing with sub 20 degree temps, PAX would show up.  Amazing work.  FYI, it was 14 degrees at 6:15.  Yikes.

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